Parade’s Self-Titled Album Tracklisting and Details

I shudder to peep how badly this is gonna flop but burgeoning British girl band Parade are forging ahead with an album release anyway, despite only having one short-lived Top 10 hit.

The well-styled quintet appears to have the charisma, nerve and flavour to be the next best girl band – except, they’re sorely missing the all important right songs.

Parade presents a colourful and very current kind of teen girl pop the market could do with now that The Saturdays have ascended to appealing to twentysomethings and Sugababes are well over the hill. They’ve gigged hard for most of the year – supporting Shakira, the Black Eyed Peas and, come December, Melanie C. Surely they owe it to their ever growing fan base to put something out before this year’s X Factor girl band du jour, Little Mix, graduates and threatens to snatch serious wigs.

Parade‘s self-titled debut will feature their first single ‘Louder’ (a Top 10 smash in the UK) and delightful follow up ‘Perfume’, which I quite enjoyed (especially the Wideboys Remix). There’ll also be other future dance/club smashes in ‘Stars’ and ‘Rollercoaster’, coupled with some sensible heartfelt pop like ‘Rokstar’ and future hit-in-waiting ‘Like You’. Some producers involved include The Fairground (who has worked with Alesha Dixon), Greg Kurstin (Kylie Minogue and Kelly Clarkson), Sandy Vee (Rihanna and David Guetta), and Steve Mac (Aggros Santos and The Saturdays).

Check out the final Parade album tracklisting:

1 – Louder
2 – Like you
3 – Ticking On It
4 – Perfume
5 – Just A Girl
6 – Knock on My Door
7 – Stars
8 – Mr Right Now
9 – Shoes
10 – Pretty Ugly
11 – Weatherman
12 – Yes You Are
13 – Rokstar
14 – Rollercoaster

Listen to an acoustic performance of their album track ‘Rokstar’:


I quite like the sound of ‘Rokstar’ but it’s very much a grown woman’s ballad. Something you’d pitch to LeToya Luckett, not a bunch of teeny bopper girls dressed in floral tops and jeans shorts.

The girls’ label – Asylum Records – isn’t at all known for handling pop acts. In fact, Alesha Dixon was probably as pop as they went before they dropped her after The Entertainer flopped hard earlier this year. With a roster full of hip hop acts like Gucci Mane and Ginuwine, I really hope they know what they’re doing with these young ladies.

Not to piss on their Parade or anything [Editor’s note: such a tireless pun] but is this album supposed to simply drop its raw ass on UK shelves with no single to support its release? An extremely questionable move, if you ask me. Especially given that their last single ‘Perfume’ flopped at #38 over four months ago. Ain’t nobody gonna turn up to this Parade.


Parade will release their self-titled album on 14 November. Are you on board?


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