Jessica Mauboy feat. Stan Walker ‘Galaxy’ Music Video

Right. The team at Sony Music Australia have really emptied their coin purses for this one.

If there was ever a sound investment to be made in the Aussie pop market right now, it’d be on a Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker collabo. Both Idol alumni are bankable hit makers in their own right – J Mally is still raking in the chips with her current smash ‘Inescapable’ (clocking its 14th week in our Top 50) and Stan has enjoyed success this year with ‘Loud’.

‘Galaxy’ (feat. Stan Walker) is the newest single to be lifted from Jessica‘s reupholstered Get ‘Em Girls album and despite the pair’s frequent sighting together, this is actually their first proper duet. You can’t really count the Stan Walker version of ‘What Happened To Us?’ – can you? That felt like more of an after-thought than a deliberate collaboration.

Let’s be real about this ‘Galaxy’ situation. This brand of mid-tempo R&B is not exactly flavour of the month right now and if anything, it feels like Team Jess is playing it safe again by returning her to vanilla ballad territory. ‘Galaxy’ – and the general musical direction of its nature – is not enhancing Mauboy’s artistry by any breadth. It is not demonstrating growth that her long-term fans want to see, nor is it even an adequate submission to justify her existence in the pop market.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jess but I much prefer it when she’s challenging herself with a fiercer and more urban sound. There was a period of time circa ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ – yes, that divisive single and video – where I actually felt like she was bringing the wow factor back into her music. Look, it doesn’t even have to be American urban R&B. Gurl, all I’m asking is that you take some risks with your work and don’t settle for grounds stomped over before.

Basically, with the arrival of ‘Galaxy’ et al, the thrill is gone with Jessica Mauboy‘s music. But if it’s any consolation, y’guys, the new music video is well decent. Here we see Jessica and Stan dressed in their David Jones catalogue best and serving some seaside post-apocalyptic realness.

You gotta give snaps for the realistic meteor showers, various graphics, and J Mally‘s all-round visual presentation. The flowing dress in the wind look was briefly visited in Mauboy’s moonlit ‘Been Waiting’ video but this feels like a proper editorial attempt.

Watch the music video for Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker‘s ‘Galaxy’:


Jessica Mauboy and Stan Walker‘s ‘Galaxy’ is now out on iTunes and on Aussie radios. The song will also be featured on Stan’s forthcoming album Let The Music Play, which comes out on 18 November. Y’all can catch them both performing ‘Galaxy’ on tonight’s episode of X Factor Australia.



  1. Great video, but the album mix of the track is MUCH better – the chorus in this new version has Jess COMPLETELY drowning Stan out at every turn, which sucks. You’re right though – this sort of music is not flavour of the month at the moment, and it’ll be VERY interesting to see how this goes on the charts! Fingers crossed tonight’s X Factor gig puts it within reach of the iTunes top 10.

    • I don’t doubt that Jess can sell singles but I don’t think this’ll recapture the success of ‘Inescapable’. I haven’t noticed the difference in mixes actually – good ear! I will revisit the album version now.

  2. I feel like ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Inescapable’, as pleasant as they were, were last-minute attempts by Sony to rack up some top 10 chart positions for Jess after Get Em Girls and What Happened To Us didn’t perform as well as majority of her other singles. I’m hoping that when it comes time for album number 3 (and any subsequent singles) they push her a little further – she’s got the talent and I think she’s got the fanbase too!

    That being said, this is still a lovely song and the video is definitely up there with her best.

    • Well said, Mike. I’m getting less worried about J Mally’s video decisions now. We hit a really gall awful patch at the start of this era but every video since then has looked stunning! I reckon ‘What Happened To Us’, ‘Galaxy’ , ‘Been Waiting’ and ‘Let Me Be Me’ are some of her more on-point moments!

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