Rebecca Ferguson ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ Music Video

Come on, mama. Even Adele dragged her heffa ass off the couch to walk down a street for her video. It’s your first one, go make an effort.

Somebody tell me what’s going on with Rebecca Ferguson‘s team. The young soul siren’s debut single and video is getting about as much push as a Steve Brookstein flop record. If this song gets slept on at #75 on the UK charts, you can sure as hell bet that I’ll be crying murder.

‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ warms the cockles of my heart and I honestly thought the video would turn out black and white, Parisian and rather beret-clad like Emma Bunton‘s ‘I’ll Be There’. Instead, they’ve opted for a simple studio jam session. I’m at two minds about this because I don’t like thinking that this low budget video is a signifier for the kind of laissez-faire record label support to come. On the other hand, you gotta hand it to them. The video complements the acoustic tones of the song nicely and really does a stunning job at pitching Rebecca as a no-frills soul chanteuse.

Even though I would’ve liked to have seen some kind of grander production, you must admit, this is a sensible starting point for a premiere vocalist like Rebecca. With any luck her next video will actually be something universally charming done with proper vision. A popstar’s package is only half realised without decent visual presentation, you know.

Take a look at your girl’s debut video:

Rebecca‘s looking impeccably styled as always, this time she’s all class with a certain young book publisher charm. Gone are the elaborate Adele buns and sequined dresses of her X Factor era. It’s time we got back in touch with the real, down to earth girl next door.

Side bar: I do wish they’d create more opportunities for Rebecca to show off her fun side like they did in the Walkers’ Sunbites ad. Give Brand Becca a shot, y’guys.


Rebecca will launch ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ on 27 November and her debut album – Heaven – drops on 5 December.



    • Rebecca Ferguson is the new artist Mama Lim and I bond over. We haven’t reached such shared excitement since Cosima DeVito.

    • Rebecca Ferguson is the new artist Mama Lim and I bond over. We haven’t reached such shared excitement since Cosima DeVito.

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