Melanie C ‘Weak’ Music Video

“Everyone else is saying, ‘what don’t kill you makes you stronger’ so why do I feel so weak?” – I might not get why ‘Weak’ was drafted as a single ahead of stronger options like ‘Burn’ but there’s no denying the lyrical excellence of this.

Melanie C never fails to put in the good work with her ballads. In fact, it’s the one strand of music she’s been consistently on-point with from Northern Star right up to now with the fifth solo album The Sea.

After treating us to a frivolous dance/pop affair in ‘Think About It’ with flashing graphics and a nude catsuit of sorts, the Spice memaw now strips it all back for ‘Weak’. The intense depiction of a woman at her mind’s end, sitting alone in her bedroom filming herself, is unlike any character we’ve seen Melanie play before. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she has turned on the dramatics before in videos like ‘Better Alone’ but never has it come close to snatching daytime Emmys like this one.

You gotta give snaps for the juxtaposition of Melanie‘s downlit scenes with the passionate dancers going at it. There’s not really a lot to be milked from a simple video like this but you appreciate how the editing and parallel scenes collaborate to enhance the song’s overall intensity.

Watch Melanie C‘s new video ‘Weak’:



Melanie C drops ‘Weak’ today on iTunes – complete with a rather decent b-side ‘Stronger’. Fans in Germany, Switzerland and Austria will be treated to another single ‘Let There Be Love’ on 2 December, which will also contain ‘Stronger’.



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