One Direction ‘Gotta Be You’ Music Video

If ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was the summer Abercrombie catalogue, then consider ‘Gotta Be You’ to be the winter/fall collection.

So many reasons why One Direction‘s second single ‘Gotta Be You’ is already chairman of all boy band efforts to come out in the last few months. The British X Factor graduates have come correct in two critical categories: the all-important pop ballad stakes and of course, once again with their ensemble presentation.

‘Gotta Be You’ has the makings of a classic pop ballad – we’re talking titan hooks, emotive vocal inflections and strings. It’s mature, universally appealing, and comes across as a junior version of a Take That smash. You couldn’t have asked for a better follow up to the laddish ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

In terms of getting a winter ballad right, ‘Gotta Be You’ takes it all. I have to be honest, boy band ballads don’t normally excite me and after hearing the recent mid tempo offerings on The Wanted‘s Battleground, I was starting to really worry about the quality coming from this generation of UK boy bands.


Now about the stunning video. This time around, there’s more focus on each of the lads as individuals. They all got their own scenes and are shown to be making their own way to a camp site at the end of the video. This makes sense because the first video was really about launching One Direction as a brand, as a band, as a whole package. With all that success for the group, comes dissemination of interests in each of the members – y’all have seen Zayn in particular trending like a beast on Twitter. The second video’s focus should, therefore, be giving each of the guys their own spotlight.

This is exactly what unfolded with the Spice Girls too, if you remember the collective energy presented in ‘Wannabe’ and then the deliberate focus on each member in the ‘Say You’ll Be There’ video. Blazin’ Bad Zula, anyone?


One Direction will release ‘Gotta Be You’ in the UK on 13 November and the album will follow on 21 November. After the massive pick up of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in Australia (this week‘s highest new entry here at #15), Sony Music Australia‘s decided to drop the album locally on 25 November.



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