Beyoncé ‘Countdown’ (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

I guess them music videos weren’t the only things Bey had pre-recorded before the bump blossomed. Here’s one she prepared earlier.

Beyoncé‘s recently unveiled live performance of ‘Countdown’ on Jimmy Fallon is possibly the first of many taped promo material she did back in July. As y’all can see, she was comfortably rocking a figure-hugging dress then and carrying on like it’s business as usual.

The live band spectacle sans her usual troupe of dancers gave a refreshingly organic experience but I wonder if we’ll see any live choreography for ‘Countdown’. I mean, she put in some ever so slight dancing for the Live at Roseland Ballroom show. I am not holding my breath for her to throw it down like a beast to ‘Countdown’.


‘Countdown’ moves up to #71 on the US Billboard Hot 100, while ‘Party’ ascends to #54. I suppose we can also expect for pre-taped live performances of ‘Party’, ‘Love on Top’ and ‘End of Time’ to be revealed sometime soon as well.


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