Katy Perry ‘The One That Got Away’ Music Video

Let’s face it. Even though I’m completely over Katy Perry and the overkill that is this Teenage Dream era, I could never pass up a gem like ‘The One That Got Away’.

The sixth Teenage Dream single is the most sentimental record Perry has put out to date, conjuring themes of regret over love lost – similar to what Ke$ha did with her life-changing ‘Harold Song’.

If the lyrics alone in ‘The One That Got Away’ weren’t enough as it is, here comes the dramatic video to really send you over the edge. The elaborate production is set in some Gattaca-type near future where an aged Katy Perry is shown to be reminiscing about the love of her youth in this sleek, modern mansion.

Video director Floria Sigismondi (who did Katy‘s ‘E.T.’ and Christina Aguilera‘s defining ‘Fighter’ videos) has done an A-grade job in story-telling here. The juxtaposition of flashback sequences eventually blur as you see a young Katy Perry creep into the present, giving you a very real depiction of a woman overpowered by past memories.

Regrets and mistakes, they are memories made.

I appreciate how all the flashback scenes of Katy and her lover are rendered in a warm, sun-soaked glow – a stark contrast to the cool grey-ish tones of the present time Old Katy. It’s one of the many dramatic ways to depict that the sunshine of Katy‘s life had been taken away from her when she lost her boo – a reference that’s further solidified at the end when you hear an old record playing of Johnny Cash‘s cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Big nods of approval in casting Mexican actor Diego Luna (who starred in the critically acclaimed Harvey Milk biopic Milk) as Katy‘s dishevelled artist lover. Snaps must also be given to the styling of Flashback Katy, which dutifully pays homage to the American popstar’s One of The Boys era with the fringe and scruffy, layered hair.

Young love murdered that, is what this must be.

Old Katy is one terrifying looking glam ma. The special effects make up is not about to pick up any prizes here but you gotta marvel at their attention to detail from her face through to her neck and hands. The hag has got to be at least pushing 75.

You get the gist of ‘The One That Got Away’ in this four minute 54 video edit but I’d be very interested to see what else we can learn about Old Katy‘s character in the seven-minute extended cut. All the important signifiers of how she had gotten on with her life was shown in the first 10 seconds. You know she eventually married and settled down with another man, you know they have a life together in this modern mansion, but is there more to it?


Katy Perry‘s ‘The One That Got Away’ finally entered the US Top 20 at #18 this week. Could it be the girl’s sixth consecutive chart topper? Can’t wait to see what kind of gimmickry they’ve got installed to get this to the top.

The extended video is expected to be uploaded on Katy‘s VEVO account next week.



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