Kelly Rowland ‘Down For Whatever’ (Live on Graham Norton)

Fuck yeah, Kelendria. This is what it’s all about. The UK X Factor judge is finally going to work with ‘Down For Whatever’, serving a few levels of fierceness in the debut TV performance of her new international single.

The stroblit dance/pop single is a splendid return to form for Kelly, who’s largely known for purveying club-ready cuts in Europe. While a lot of the recent Here I Am promo has been focused on the US market – delivering the urban #1 hit ‘Motivation’ and sexy ‘Lay It On Me’ – Kelendria is now coming back for the Brits.

Dance composition or not, you can’t take the urban diva out of the girl. Look at her oversinging every line in ‘Down For Whatever’ here in some effort to prove that a) she can, and b) she’s doing it live. I did clench a little tighter to my arm rest when she arrived at the bridge to belt out that massive top note.

The tight choreography, coupled with Kelendria‘s energy and light spectacle really made ‘Down For Whatever’ a treat to experience live. I am now gagging to see how much bigger it’s gonna be on the X Factor stage.

Kelendria‘s international version of Here I Am, which will be launched in the UK at the end of the month, has to be one of the most underwhelming re-releases I’ve come across this year.

Y’all remember how she said she was already back in the studio weeks after the US edition came out and that there’ll be brand new pop tracks on the international version? That didn’t happen. The rebooted version of Here I Am will feature a pink filtered cover art and the previously released standard edition tracklisting plus: ‘Heaven and Earth’, ‘Each Other’, ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘Rose Colored Glasses’, ‘Motivation (Diplo Remix)’, ‘Forever and A Day’ and ‘What A Feeling’.

So basically all the hit dance collabos she had served in the last year or so and the other rogue singles pre-Here I Am. The obvious exclusion from the pack is the sassy urban digital single ‘Grown Woman’. I suppose all the previously unreleased material will remain in the vault until her 2012 album comes out.


Kelendria Trene Rowland will launch ‘Down For Whatever’ in the UK on 21 November and the international edition of Here I Am will follow on 28 November.

Here in Australia, the ‘Down For Whatever’ single EP is already out on iTunes but we’re yet to see local media run with it. The international version of Here I Am will touch down at our shelves on 2 December.


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