Little Boots returns with ‘Shake’

Tastemakers everywhere are already nodding and swaying their shoulders to the new sounds of Little Boots. Shouldn’t you get with the program too?

After breaking through in 2009 such electro pop gems like ‘New In Town’, ‘Remedy’ and ‘Earthquake’ – your girl Victoria is back with a brand new single that’s very much the thinking person’s dance track.

‘Shake’ is the British pop siren’s first release from her forthcoming sophomore album and it’s refreshingly subtle for a dance/pop record. Sonically, it veers closer to the underground and effortlessly cool nature of her Hands album tracks ‘Stuck on Repeat’ and ‘Symmetry’.

The 80s-style reverb over the vocals, nouveau disco beats, and stunningly bittersweet lyrics – “everybody shake ’til your heart breaks” – could not be more on point. If it’s wistful, stripped-back electronica she’s got lined up for her next album then, folks, there is every reason to be excited for Little Boots‘ return.

Take a listen to the radio edit of ‘Shake’, which got its first spin on Radio One yesterday:

There’s also the original extended mix here, if you fancy the full experience:

Victoria is set to play a series of international DJ gigs over the next few weeks that include jaunts in Paris, Berlin, New York, L.A. and Tokyo.


Little Boots will release ‘Shake’ in both digital and limited edition vinyl formats on 14 November. Fingers crossed it’ll also show up on our Aussie digital store fronts.

Download Little Boots‘ free Shake Until Your Heart Breaks mixtape.



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