Kreesha Turner returns with “Tropic Electric”

Canadian soul/rhythmic pop siren Kreesha Turner is back and she ’bout to make it rain with a new look and sound.

I have to say, I’ve been in love with this girl ever since her stunning breakthrough album Passion caught my ears a few years back. Vocally, she reminds me of a more sophisticated and polished version of Jade Macrae. There were so many potential global smashes on that album, y’guys. If this is your first peek, do yourselves a favour and immerse in ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ and ‘Bounce With Me’ – the latter got a good run in a phone commercial.

Where that first venture served a smorgasbord of fresh-faced R&B, Tropic Electric sees Kreesha taking more risks with a flavoursome blend of Jamaican rhythmic influences and present time electro beats. The project has been deliberately sectioned into two parts with a vague clustering of more tropical rhythmic beats on the first disc and more Western pop/dance tracks on the second.

If Tropic Electric‘s designed as some round-the-world trip of different beats, then consider Kreesha‘s infallible vocals as your guide and constant in a changing soundscape. There are fluid movements from rump-shaking Jamaican beats in ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ to euphoric European house in ‘Love Again’, and mandatory balladsville in ‘I Could Stay’.

Check out the tracklisting for Tropic Electric:

Disc one

1 – Rock Paper Scissors
2 – I Feel My Darling (feat. Courtney John)
3 – My Kryptonite
4 – Don’t Leave Me Now
5 – Come My Way

Disc two

1 – I Could Stay
2 – Love Again
3 – Away From You
4 – Wherever You Are
5 – Killer In The Club

The project has to date spawned two singles, in true I Am… Sasha Fierce fashion, one from each disc. Take a look at the videos for ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ and ‘I Could Stay’ – both flaunting different sides of Kreesha‘s new afro-ed beauty look.

‘Rock Paper Scissors’ – who run the world?

‘I Could Stay’ – she’s a glamazon.


Kreesha Turner‘s Tropic Electric is now out in Canada. Fingers crossed for a worldwide release sometime down the line.



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