Melanie C ‘Let There Be Love’ Music Video

Y’know what? For a limited region release, the video for ‘Let There Be Love’ is actually serving a surprising amount of effort. More so than what I’m prepared to sign a cheque for.

Melanie C is barely setting the charts a glimmer these days but here in the Feed Limmy fold, I trust we’re all still interested in her activities?

‘Let There Be Love’ is the latest single to be washed up from The Sea [Editor’s note: fuck, the oceanic puns never get old, Limoncé!]. Where the rest of the world gets the bruised ballad ‘Weak’, this one’s exclusively plugged for the German, Austrian and Swiss audiences.

I am not exactly sure what the point of ‘Let There Be Love’ is as it’s always been a non-contender in my books. Are radio stations in these three countries really gagging for this? If it’s a loved up ballad they want, I would’ve offered ‘One by One’ instead but then again, I’ve never understood Melanie’s random “European single” choices anyway.

Watch the video for ‘Let There Be Love’:

The video for ‘Let There Be Love’ really is Hallmark through and through. There are all the key signifiers – washed out filter rendering a scenic sea side, lonely people, people in love, and even a dog. The director had called upon a big cast of varied individuals to depict this notion of “universal love”. We’ve got lesbian and gay couples, a newlywed pair, an old couple, mother and child, man and man’s best friend – you get the picture.

As for The Sea mama herself, she’s bringing all kinds of pedestrian winter wardrobe elegance here, with that matching long jacket and scarf combo. There’s also the magnificent graceful hand gestures she’s known for in these ballady productions.


Melanie C will release ‘Let There Be Love’ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 2 December.



  1. The song is quite passable, but you know, I lap up everything Mel C has done since 1999 ! ;) It’s nice and nothing more, the video is tastefully done, like most of her stuff and my, does she look stunning !

    I can see this doing well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but at the same time I’m not exactly sure…

    I’m just still bummed that Think About It wasn’t the comeback that it had to be… ;(

    • “The song is quite passable, but you know, I lap up everything Mel C has done since 1999” – I feel the same way too about most Mel C releases. It’s just such a non-event! :p Bring on ‘Burn’ FFS!

  2. snoozefest, she needs to change it up. boring and dull video to an even worse song.

  3. Haha, well at least this is only for the consumption of 3 countries. Agreed, she needs to get on with Burn tout de suite, Weak is great and all, but well, it is weak for a second single. Do they really think it’s going to do better than Think About It? But I’m inclined to believe it was Mel herself going for it. I don’t know if you watched an interview of her a few months back where she said she regretted releasing On the Horizon, that she should have released Reason instead.

    I honestly think they should keep going with Think About It for the international market*! It still stands a great chance of being a huge hit!

    *when I said ‘international market’ I actually meant outside of UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    • Yes, I did see her say she regretted releasing ‘OTH’ – totally agree. That never sat well with my soul! It was such a blatant rip of Santana/Michelle Branch’s ‘Game of Love’. It just wasn’t right for the project.

      I wonder if ‘Think About It’ is getting much love in Asia?

  4. Wait, am I the only one who actually loves On the Horizon?! Both that one and The Game of Love are equally great I think, OTH has that ‘British’ feel that I just love.

    I honestly have never seen the video on MTV or Channel [V]! Either I don’t watch them enough, or it really hasn’t been played. I just hope they keep going for it, it would be a huge missed opportunity if they didn’t.

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