Ricki-Lee ‘Raining Diamonds’ Music Video

Would you look at this girl? Just look at her. Former Idol diva and current weight loss pin-up, Ricki-Lee Coulter, is finally serving some proper advanced-level fierceness.

Remember when Feed Limmy was the first blog to review and post ‘Raining Diamonds’? Well, the sleek music video finally arrived exactly 50 days after the song premiered online. Let me just start by saying that 30 seconds in and it’s already universally acknowledged that this is the hottest thing the bitch has ever committed to film.

‘Raining Diamonds’ sees Ricki-Lee flaunting some serious video vixenry in a futuristic set and a Barbarella-meets-Sasha Fierce inspired look. All the typical pop music video conventions are dutifully observed – we’ve got a smattering of choreography, some lens flares and plenty of smoke. But don’t get it twisted, Ricki-Lee is not just here to serve fish. There’s actually a rather lovely concept behind the visuals.

I like that our protagonist is depicted as a fierce warrior princess who may be outwardly declaring war on love with her armed minions, but is deep down waiting for love to redeem itself.

This is probably an over-reading of the text but one could argue that the scene showing a man slaving away to break the ice and unearth diamonds is symbolic of what a good lover’s meant to do for a broken heart.

Friends and stans, isn’t this what we all cling to as the gospel truth? That somewhere out there, there’s a right kind of lover who will show up one day and put in the work, be patient and bring out the best in you?

This sentiment also speaks volumes for the song’s philosophy of not just settling for whatever. Fuck, I don’t even know how many hours the poor guy has put in to unearth them big ass rocks but Ricki-Lee didn’t even look impressed when it was presented to her. What a boss.

Speaking of having high expectations, I don’t think the ‘Raining Diamonds’ video was as defining as it could’ve been. You get a sense that they’ve put in a lot of work into the set, Ricki-Lee‘s styling and choreography but the infectious energy and spirit of the song just wasn’t captured right on film. I did leave feeling a little underwhelmed.

‘Raining Diamonds’ is a fucking runway-ready anthem and we really needed Ricki-Lee to set the tone by strutting across the room when the verses kick in. And where are them wind machines? I need to see wigs shifting on heads. I need for the choreography to be more on point and I need to see more cover girl face.

It’s no secret that ‘Raining Diamonds’ is a one-set affair but through the camera’s eyes, you could actually open the audience to a whole greater visual experience. It’s a shame that they didn’t experiment with different camera angles to spice up the basic scenes like the one of Ricki-Lee walking towards the camera and her sitting on the throne.

The video came off a little flat and one dimensional when it didn’t need to be. All the cool props and costumes were there for the taking – the director was just painfully sparing us the details.

Regardless of these minor flaws in execution, ‘Raining Diamonds’ is still a sparkling hit and without question, the most important Australian pop singles of 2011. Once again, let’s be upstanding to welcome Ricki-Lee back into the game.

Watch the ‘Raining Diamonds’ music video:



Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Raining Diamonds’ has to date peaked at #19 on the ARIA singles chart. Y’all can expect the album and follow up single to be launched in the new year.



    • I know, right? Like, I don’t even curr if she had hooked up a couple of stand fans from Retravision. Just some kind of wind ripping through the weave action would’ve been great.

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