Feed Limmy Songs of 2011: #30 – #21

I’ve given this way more thought than it deserves but then again, it is the muhfuggin’ Feed Limmy Songs of 2011, child. For a website that claims to be serving a “high brow look at pop music foolery”, I can’t just smack on the 30 most scrobbled tracks on my last.fm account and pass it off as adequate.

The criteria is extremely complex and, of course, just like everything you read on here – it’s a matter of my opinion and personal enjoyment. Basically, I’ve had to round up all the songs that have soundtracked my year then rank them in order of enjoyment, emotional connection and pop correctness.

It is possible that I have lip synched for my life, in my undies at home alone on a Friday night, to most of these Top 30 songs.

I had originally intended to do a Top 40 countdown that would be revealed in four weekly feeds that stretched over December. But, let’s be real about it. You can always do without the last ten in any Top 40 albums/songs of the year list.

So without further ado, please be upstanding and golf clapping for the #30 to #21 Feed Limmy Songs of 2011:

#30 – ‘Show Me’ by Jessica Sutta

In a time where nobody was checking for any ex-Pussycat Doll other than Nicole, the stunning Jessica Sutta stopped traffic with a seriously on point dance-pop stomper that cannot be ignored.

‘Show Me’ has all the makings of a pedigree pop song: a monstrous hook, completely current productions and – for a club-ready cut – some emotionally relevant lyrics that thankfully isn’t about partying.

Snaps to producer Busbee (whose resumé boasts hits for Timbaland and Alexandra Burke) for crafting a dance track with European and American club appeal. In a lot of ways, ‘Show Me’ really sounds like a Cascada song you’re not ashamed to brag about.

Throw me a line: “Love is not a ‘gimme gimme’, if you’re really with me – gotta show me, show me! Show me, show me!”

#29 – ‘Loud’ by Stan Walker

I have advanced my interest in all things Stan Walker this year after he fell off my radar post-‘Black Box’. There really isn’t a better time to get re-acquainted with the former Australian Idol winner because he’s finally turning out something fierce, vibrant and dance floor ready.

‘Loud’ is an instant download of energy and alcopop. You can’t go past a pop song this immediate. Stan‘s soulful vocals rendered over stroblit dance beats just cancels Jason DeRulo‘s entire discography.

Throw me a line: “Through all the noise, make ’em hear the sound… through all the noise, we can make it loud!”

#28 – ‘Glad You Came’ by The Wanted

The pin finally dropped with The Wanted when I heard ‘Glad You Came’. After an entirely forgettable and pointless debut album, the British boyband bit back with a vengeance and exceeded all expectations with a global dance track.

This is probably the best use of an accordion in pop since Jewel‘s ‘Intuition’? There’s something to be said about the brief one-verse and one-hook structure too. So often in pop music, you’ll find a really good melody drowned out by superfluous verses and structures that seem to serve nothing but “pad out” the song.

Throw me a line: “You cast a spell on me, spell on me. You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me. And I decided you’d look well on me, well on me.”

#27 – ‘She Always Gets What She Wants’ by Florrie

This is very Florrie goes to Rio. Are you enjoying the colour and flavour she’s serving here?

Florrie has been the tastemakers’ fave and rave of the blogosphere for two years now, and her immaculate second EP Experiments is further proof that this girl is totally the business.

Stunners like ‘She Always Gets What She Wants’ showed off a new dimension to the British singer/songwriter’s craft. The song leaves hooks at every turn like a good house-trained Xenomania composition. You never have to wait for the chorus to get what you need.

For those who are yet to get with the Florrie agenda, start investing right away because your interest will almost surely be rewarded with some amazing new music soon.

Throw me a line: “Forgive me for interrupting, it’s fascinating but true. Stick with me and you’ll soon discover all that girl can really do.”

#26 – ‘Until You’re Over Me’ by Zoë Badwi

I am so bothered by the injustice of this song sitting on the shelf while other basic ass Zoë tracks like ‘Accidents Happen’ and ‘Carry Me Home’ get the push.

‘Until You’re Over Me’ is easily the most important song on our Australian club princess’ debut album. It picks up perfectly where ‘Freefallin’ stepped off and should speak to lovers of bittersweet dance ballads everywhere. Zoë‘s impressive vocals and corresponding emotional delivery remains the centre piece of this dance track.

If there’s one thing I can really say about 2011, it’s that the dance/pop market has really given us a proper showcase. Dance is definitely the predominant sound of now but with all these different styles and hybrids impacting the mainstream, I think it has made us – as consumers – more aware and more critical of the quality. It’s gonna take more than just four on the floor and some Ibiza-perfected synths to make this list.

Throw me a line: “Fighting my feelings on this dance floor, wishing your body was next to me.”

#25 – ‘Going Crazy’ by Song Jieun feat. Bang Yongguk

Just like a lot of you, I have opened my heart and ears to more K-pop this year. The global takeover is unstoppable and these ultra pop groups continue to raise the bar for performers in the Western world. There’s also their approach to solo projects that appear to be less egotistical than our Western counterparts, which I really value.

Secret‘s Song Jieun‘s solo foray yielded one of the most memorable K-pop ballads I’ve heard all year. ‘Going Crazy’ (featuring Bang Yongguk) is totally the Korean answer to Eminem and Rihanna‘s ‘Love The Way You Lie II’.

You don’t need to understand a word of it to feel the emotional delivery and appreciate the melody. I’m all about the contrast and combination here. ‘Going Crazy’ serves such a beautiful mix of feminine piano lines with hard hip hop beats and the rapper’s gravelly voice complements Jieun‘s heartfelt vocals to a tee.

#24 – ‘Bullet’ by Clare Maguire

Clare Maguire had me clutching my chest and howling with despair when I heard ‘Bullet’ for the first time. I was in a raw emotional state not long after a break up and this bitch sent me over the edge a little with this clear stand-out from her Light After Dark album.

With the voice of a young Cher-meets-Florence Welch and some sterling cool production, Clare Maguire was well and truly set up to slay with an emotional ballad like this. Every care was taken to make sure that Clare‘s stunning voice remain the centre piece of this song. The lush orchestral surroundings complement her vocals at every section – hushing in the quieter verses and soaring to the heavens in the mighty chorus.

Throw me a line: “I was told that loneliness was like spaces between the stars. Well, it’s empty between these starry eyes.”

#23 – ‘Asthma Attack’ by CockNBullKid

Every now and then we’re presented with a lovely, wistful song about London done by a sensationally real British pop artiste – and that’s exactly what CockNBullKid‘s ‘Asthma Attack’ has come to do. [Editor’s note: is Lily Allen‘s ‘LDN’ another “wistful London song”?]

CocknBullKid has to be one of my favourite discoveries of the year. Her debut album Adulthood – polished by Marina & The Diamonds‘ producer Liam Howe – gives such good British “band pop”, it could’ve soundtracked a BBC TV series aimed at teens living in Camden. It’s probably what Cameron Adams would label as a “thinking person’s pop album”.

Back to ‘Asthma Attack’, it’s such a moment when you marry the Motown-style beats and sweet melodies with aching lyrics about conflicted attachment. I’ve personally always wanted to move to London because I’m quite fascinated with the British music scene and culture. This song has only encouraged my fascination.

Throw me a line: “London, I love you but you’re bringing me down in that special way only you know how.”

#22 – ‘After NYE’ by Rosaline Yuen

Melbourne’s budding indie pop goddess Rosaline Yuen deserves major snaps for this adorable number about a sweet, love affair.

‘After NYE’ is one of my favourites from Rosaline‘s debut album Tiny Goddess because it just plays like a scene from a telenovela. The girl’s story of falling for a married man is told in such a romantic and bittersweet tone, you can’t help but want to be taken along for the ride. The music also takes you on a very satisfying journey – for something that lasts just under two minutes and 20 seconds – packing dark moments of drama with rose-coloured verses.

Rosaline‘s album is totally lovely and very TV soundtrack-ready. The latter part is not so much a matter of opinion as is a fact, given the number of times Rosaline‘s had her music featured on Australian TV series.

Throw me a line: “But you had a wife, and you had a house, and a very fluffy dog. And I am just a school girl with a crush.”

#21 – ‘Nu Shoes’ by Wonder Girls

Has your life been upgraded by this new English-language Wonder Girls track?

‘Nu Shoes’ is everything I’ve ever wanted from the defining K-pop quintet: bubbly, melody-driven pop that picks up right where ‘Nobody’ left off. The girly ode to heels instantly lifts spirits upon impact and I know I’m not speaking out of line when I say, this really is the new generation Carrie Bradshaw anthem.

Y’all know these divas are readying themselves for another assault on the US Billboard charts, right? I would be really pressed if they don’t push ‘Nu Shoes’ as the lead single from their 2012 English album. It’s an uncompromising Wonder Girls classic that isn’t bucking to tired, electro pop trends set by RedOne and Pitbull. The world ought to appreciate.

Throw me a line: “I got no car, got no money money. I spent too much on Manolo Blahniks! ‘Cause I need higher heels for my long legs.”


Feed Limmy’s Albums of 2011: #30 – #21 will be revealed on Saturday 17 December. The #20 – #12 songs of 2011 will drop on Wednesday 21 December.

What songs have made your Top 30 of 2011?



  1. Pretty good countdown! Glad to see Team Ginge doing so well! Also, if someone has an explanation for why Still Getting Younger wasn’t a single, I’d be glad to hear it..

    • Correct, Glen. Correct. That was always the proposed fourth single from “WTMID” but I guess because ‘Buy My Love’ didn’t make the ARIA Top 50, plans kinda stalled. But she’s gonna be back here next week, so hopefully a few more gigs and we can see WMA issuing ‘Still Getting Younger’ in Jan?

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