Leak Report: Beyoncé ‘End of Time’ Remixes

Excuse me, when did this happen and why didn’t anyone notify me right away? You’re all now on probation, I hope you know that.

One of the most important songs on Queen Bey‘s tremendous 4 opus has now spawned a remix EP – courtesy of the usual British commercial dance producers Wideboys, WAWA and also some relatively nouveau mainstream names like RedTop and Labor of Love. The results are positively joyous and all club correct in every way.

Priority listening reads:

1) RedTop Club Edit – this is what ‘End of Time’ would sound like if Prince had worked on it in the 80s.

2) WAWA Remix Radio Edit – this one’s totally jumping with a staccatoed trumpet line that pits it in the direction of ‘Mr Saxobeat’ and ‘We Speak No Americano’.

3) Labor of Love Manny Lehman Remix – a thoroughly acceptable extended tribal rompfest.

4) Wideboys Remix Radio Edit – it’s all very hectic and unabashedly electronica here. Welcome to rave o’clock.

Now take a listen and have yourselves a totally sick’ning Christmas eve.


Bey is expected to drop the video for ‘End of Time’ sometime soon. Pretty sure this was all shot back in August, pre-baby bump like most of her promo material for 4.



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