Cher Lloyd ‘Want U Back’ (feat. Astro) Music Video

There is absolutely no reason why this girl can’t be bigger than the combined value of Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove on a global level.

Cher Lloyd‘s third single ‘Want U Back’ is all kinds of great. It’s always been my standout fave on her debut album Sticks + Stones because the addictive late-90s pop melodies reminds me of a time when mainstream music was unapologetic about its cheese.

The hooks here will totally punish your brain for hours at a time, and I do mean that as a grand compliment. The attitude Little Miss Cher is serving is completely petulant in a B*Witched kind of way, which I think is a nice break from hearing teen pop sensations sing mature, heartfelt shit that should be left to the likes of Leona Lewis.


Now the music video for ‘Want U Back’ is another wonder that needs to be experienced and discussed as a stand alone package from the song itself. [Editor’s note: Limmy, I think you’re taking this way more seriously than its meant to be.]

Here are the agenda items for today’s ‘Want U Back’ Video Appreciation Hour.

Picture perfect.

This is actually the perfect first video for the American market. I love that there’s an unwavering focus on Cher and her flawless style throughout the whole thing. This concept of her appearing in polaroids in quick glimpses is a great way of showcasing many different looks without overwhelming the viewer.

It’s an effective way for new consumers to build a mental snapshot of the girl and formulate a strong, cohesive first impression, don’t you think? It’s kinda like adding a stranger to Facebook and going through their profile pics.

“You got me, got me like this! <grunts>”

I believe it’s also written somewhere in the production brief that if Miss Lloyd‘s not channeling enough cray cray behaviour in ‘Want U Back’, we’re uploading a lyric video instead. This song is nothing without some outrageous expressions. The repeated grunts, the pouty verses and shout out ad-libs that we’re all familiar with in the recording needed to come to life on screen.

Having said that, I’m glad they limited her outbursts to photobombing the happy couple and sabotaging their shots instead of showing how many different constipated faces this girl can pull. If you go back and watch her X Factor audition when she flogged ‘Turn My Swag On’, you’ll know there’s no limit to the amount of aggression Cher‘s face can serve.

Every girl wants to be her.

The fantasy we’re sold with Cher‘s image in ‘Want U Back’ is this totally middle class, New York teen girl look. She’s got a lovely bedroom that looks like it could’ve been a converted studio apartment. She’s got a fucking iPad and her clothes are amazing.

The director has made such an upfront effort to establish her character with material things. See how the video opens with close ups of her designer shoes, dresser with vintage camera, and classy knick knacks?

She’s like the girl next door, who’s totally a daddy’s little girl. She has everything and she’s always the first in class to be spotted with the latest season clothes, gadgets and magazines. I am totally floored by Cher’s transformation from booger chav to a cool, street-smart American sweetheart. Well played.

“Boy, you never had much game. Thought I needed to upgrade.”

The strategic inclusion of US X Factor star Astro is something I get on paper but won’t accept in my heart. America’s love/hate response to the kid parallels Cher‘s own experience on the UK franchise in 2010 so, I guess it makes sense to have them band together and see if their combined star power can help launch each other’s careers in the US.

Up until now, America hasn’t been presented with a direct entry point to Cher Lloyd‘s music yet. The inclusion of Astro on the single is pretty much the biggest fucking bait her label can drop right now in preparation for her US crossover.

As for Astro‘s rap verse itself? I can take it or leave it. I’ve said on air before – when my radio show co-host Jade asked if Cher‘s one for “rent-a-rappers” – that this girl doesn’t need the assistance of rappers to give her songs more swag. She is the entire muhfuggin‘ package.


Cher Lloyd will release ‘Want U Back’ (feat. Astro) on 12 February. Stay tuned for an Australian release date.



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