Leak Report: Rebecca Ferguson ‘Too Good To Lose’ Remixes

Britain’s beloved debutantess of soul – Rebecca Ferguson – may not be on any DJ’s priority list right now but that could well change with her second single ‘Too Good To Lose’.

I’m optimistic that this new chapter in Rebecca‘s career’s going to be a revelation for a few of us. First up, ‘Too Good To Lose’ – being the album closer – didn’t even cross my mind as a single potential but I quickly warmed to it after a few spins, appreciating the vaguely 90s chic soul/pop productions.

Now comes two mind-blowing remixes that are serving the best of both house and urban/dubstep persuasions. How can you deal?

Seamus Haji – popular remixer who has spun ballads by Utada Hikaru and Mariah Carey into huge club tracks – brought the glitter and strobes out of ‘Too Good To Lose’. This actually works as a stomping, commercial floor filler fit for your resident gay clubs.

The Dukebox Remix oddly pitches Rebecca in a darker, more aggressive dubstep direction – complete with a few rap verses. Not a completely daft idea if you consider how ubiquitous dubstep music is now.

Listen to Rebecca Ferguson‘s ‘Too Good To Lose’ remixes:



Rebecca will launch ‘Too Good To Lose’ in the UK on 27 February.



  1. This girl is bursting at the seams with “TALENT”… And if you havnt bought her album yet.Do it yesterday its soooo wicked…

    • Amen! ‘Glitter & Gold’ needs to be the next single!

      Perhaps if she’s looking to do a re-release for the US market, she can collaborate with Aloe Blacc?

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