One Direction ‘One Thing’ Music Video

Cancel all my appointments for the day, I’m joining millions of girls around the globe in a religious screen capping and gif making experience to celebrate the arrival of One Direction‘s amazing new video.

The British wonder boy band is set to become one of the world’s biggest pop groups by the end of the year, having already cracked the Australian and New Zealand market without even really trying. One Direction fever is going viral and I simply can’t wait to see them take over the American market. Lock up your daughters.

The boys’ debut album Up All Night was the fastest-selling debut album on the UK charts last year and their infectious first single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ gave a decent indication of the kind of boyish fun and immediate pop melodies we can expect. ‘One Thing’ takes us back to that point with summery guitar-riffs and punchy hooks, complete with a video that’s completely on message.

They’re serving modern cool Britannica, irresistible boy-ish charms and the perfect “one day with One Direction itinerary” any fan could dream of. Sans the romantic dinner bit, of course. That’s private, between me and Harry Styles.

Check out a few highlights of One Direction‘s fantastic new video:

They have never looked sexier.

My god, am I even allowed to say that about these embryos? The girls and gays will be swooning to no end over every detail from their smile down to the article of clothing. Listen – the immaculate, grown-up styling with the fitted jacket, cardigans, shirts and slacks is driving me wild. I won’t even mention the bulge, which Zayn is clearly clocking on Louis in the above shot.

But on a fashion note, I fucking want it all.

One Direction‘s good clean image and slick presentation is what sets them apart from other boy bands in the game with a penchant for tank tops and urban fashion. I appreciate the idea of taking classic, grown men looks and re-styling it for a younger generation. I think they’re definitely on the forefront of men’s fashion, signaling a new era where smart and sharp is the way to go. As a budding brand, these boys can’t afford to be on the reactionary side of trends – they need to be setting the pace and they need to be consistent. That’s precisely what’s happening and why One Direction‘s image and styling is just fucking winning every single time we see them step in front of the camera.

Boys will be boys.

I love seeing these guys just running amok and having fun. I love the chemistry between them. To me, being an almost-quarter centurion, this video really takes me back to the Spice Girls‘ ‘Wannabe’ video and the youthful spirit they were serving.

One Direction‘s boy-ish charms and cheekiness is what makes the girls go weak. It’s that fine line between cute and criminally sexy that’s incredibly alluring.

Speaking of this fantasy, I think it also helps that there’s never too much camera time of just the boys exclusively with one girl. I think that would be a rather alienating experience for their hopeful, starry-eyed female fans watching on YouTube. The spirit of the ‘One Thing’ video isn’t about one girl, it’s about One Directioners. Period.

One day with One Direction.

This video brings the fantasy of spending an entire day with the boys a little closer to life. We’re taken on this journey from sun up to dusk – playing in the park, to a ride on their very own double decker bus to be closer to the fans.

We’ve seen the boys frolic on a beach in L.A. in ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, we’ve seen them travel to the countryside in ‘Gotta Be You’ – it’s about time they brought it back to London and give us a city-centric feel. After all, with the Olympics happening this year, all eyes will be on London and hopefully with any luck: One Direction.

Watch One Direction’s amazingly fun new video ‘One Thing’:



One Direction will release ‘One Thing’ on 13 February in the UK. Just in time for some swoonfest Valentine’s Day promo. Shall we pencil this in for another Top 3 entry?



  1. you are so cute love you on direction best group eveeer!

  2. i love you and you are soo cool and cute and funny your the best group eveer wish i could meet you :) xxx


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