Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Gordon ‘Ladi Dadi’ Music Video

My girl can kick some serious ass. Can we have security close by next time Wynter Gordon and I are in a room alone?

American electro house producer Steve Aoki certainly knows how to make a scene. This brand new video of his – ‘Ladi Dadi’ – is a king hit of some proper Mr & Mrs Smith-style violence.

I suppose the aggressive, ass-whooping concept is refreshing given that it’s pretty much the antithesis of the song’s flirtatious intent. But, really, the only thing standing between this plot and something well-executed is a bit of context.

I know when you’re up in the gym working on your fitness and ‘Ladi Dadi’ comes on, nobody’s gonna slow  down on the treadmill and think, ‘Well, I know she’s upset but – fuck – bitch, what is yo’ problem?’. The thrill of seeing Wynter smashing Steve against a wall and kicking him off a balcony is just too bloody gratifying. We’re all animals, you see.

Watch the video for Steve Aoki and Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Ladi Dadi’:


Sonically, ‘Ladi Dadi’ gives the best of both kinds of mainstream dance right now – serving throbbing house beats in the verses with Wynter‘s smooth vocals before tearing the chorus with an acidic dubstep wash down.

This song, it seems, has been waiting in the wings for some time now. I remember hearing Wynter talk about the collabo almost a year ago and we were all hoping that it would drop last year in the height of her With The Music I Die movement but it’s all been strategically lined up to coincide with Steve‘s own album now.

Wonderland is Steve‘s debut full length artist album and ‘Ladi Dadi’ is the third single lifted from it. This guy has worked with some major names in the game like LMFAO, Nervo, Laidback Luke, Afrojack and even Will.i.Am, who appears under his alter ego [[[zuper blahq]]].


Steve Aoki will release his debut album Wonderland in Australia on 3 February. You can listen to the whole thing now via his Soundcloud.


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