Gabriella Cilmi returns with ‘Vicious Love’

One of my favourite scrubs from the Aussie pop hemisphere is back – sadly without them camp-as-tits disco beats. So hide your mirror balls and lines of cocaine because Gabriella Cilmi is keeping it sober and organic this time around.

The gorgeous Melbourne-born girl first caught our attention a few years back when – at the sweet age of 16 – she broke out with her debut single ‘Sweet About Me’. The song went #1 in Australia and became the third-biggest selling single in the country of 2008.

After a flawless, but albeit momentary, foray into disco pop on her sophomore album Ten, the 20-year old has now reverted to a more organic and rootsy style.

‘Vicious Love’ is the first taste of Gabi‘s forthcoming third, yet-untitled studio album. Take a look at the low-key music video she has uploaded for it:


Stylistically, ‘Vicious Love’ sounds dreamier than anything you’ve heard the girl do before. It’s a nice closer track for an acoustic set one might perform at a cafeteria, I suppose? You can definitely hear greater strength and control in Gabi’s voice too when she’s singing in the higher register.

Personally, I preferred it when Ms Cilmi took a risk with her disco pop album. I know on paper making straight up pop may seem like an easy way out for an artist of her standing, but really y’all need to study the quality she was serving on Ten.

The lush intergalactic 80s ballads ‘Robots’ and ‘Love Me Cos You Want To’ (which was co-written by Ellie Goulding) are simply timeless. There was nothing easy or sell out-ish about servicing disco beats and Bee Gees-style falsettos on tracks like ‘Hearts Don’t Lie’ or doing a bit of Donna Summer for the present century in ‘Superhot’. I feel like most of Ten was more inspired and captured a greater deal of imagination than something like ‘Vicious Love’.

I don’t wish to look back on Gabriella Cilmi‘s discography in five years time and find that Ten was her one and only foray into intelligent, fun pop. Basically, Ten cannot end up like the 0304 of Jewel‘s career – brief moment of colourful, quality pop followed by slabs of beige until the end of time.


Stay tuned for more from Gabriella Cilmi in 2012 as she readies her third studio album.

It’ll be interesting to see if ‘Vicious Love’ does end up becoming her first single or if it’s just unleashed as a buzz track. My money’s on the latter.


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