Leak Report: Rebecca Ferguson ‘On and On’

Rebecca Ferguson‘s dulcet tones are a gift that keeps giving. In an era where so many pop artists have abandoned the concept of singles b-sides, I’m thoroughly thrilled to see mama deliver on a few fronts with ‘On and On’.

This brand new country-inflected track will be launched as a b-side on Becca‘s forthcoming single ‘Too Good To Lose’.

There’s a distinctly American, slightly Louisiana taste to ‘On and On’ and given that, at the time of my writing, it is currently 5:40am in Melbourne – I wanna say that it’s perfect for sitting on the porch and watching the sun rise over the corn fields.

I can totally see why this was tucked in as a b-side, though. It doesn’t quite fit the flow of her Heaven-ly album tracks but it does present country as a very viable option for Godbecca, should she ever want to sashay in that direction.

There is literally so many opportunities for this woman to crack the American music market and country didn’t even cross my mind.

Listen to ‘On and On’:


Rebecca Ferguson will release ‘Too Good To Lose’ the single on 4 March in the UK. While there’s no Aussie drop date set yet for ‘TGTL’, fans can now grab her first single ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ on our iTunes.

Godbecca‘s stunning album Heaven arrives in Australia on 10 February. Valentine’s Day pressie for real, for real.



  1. This really is not my usual style of music at all, but god damn, there’s just something about her that just makes me wish I was floating in a bubblebath with dim lighting just contemplating life.

    I think I might have to buy this album.

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