Kelly Rowland ‘Keep It Between Us’ Music Video

I know a lot of y’all would get up and excuse yourself to the bathroom like it was interval whenever a Kelendria ballad comes on but this, no, this is worth staying seated for.

‘Keep It Between Us’ is the fourth official single from Kelly‘s solid Here I Am album [Editor’s note: Actually, seventh, if you include the ones she launched pre-‘Motivation’].

It’s the first single Kelendria Trene has launched in recent history that isn’t tastefully referencing some kind of sexual activity or position. This is also the first tender, romantic ballad the girl has serviced to radios since ‘Train On A Track’ some eight years ago – so in many ways, ‘Keep It Between Us’ is a mild shock to the system.

The Christopher Umana-produced slow jam is simply gorgeous, intimate and effortless, with Kelly serenading her boo with some choice lines like “just a plain old girl, I don’t need nothing. They say ‘you got it all’, but they don’t know that all is you…”

L’amour, l’amour.

It’s totally fitting to see Kelendria shoot the ‘Keep It Between Us’ video in Paris – a city that’s universally recognised for its romantic atmosphere and beauty. I really wished there were more shots of the couple spending time together around town – like the scenes of them at the cafe, walking down the street and such.

This serves my own curiosity because I’m actually going to visit Paris for the first time this June, so bitch, I was counting on you to set the tone and pitch me some romantic ideals.

Watch Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Keep It Between Us’ music video, starring American actor Lance Gross who had previously appeared in other Destiny’s Child-adjacent music videos for LeToya Luckett and Solange.


Kelly Rowland‘s ‘Keep It Between Us’ is coming correct for the Valentine’s Day season. Meanwhile over in the UK, her R&B single ‘Lay It On Me’ is climbing up the charts.



  1. What took you so long to post this?! Haha
    I’m glad she released this. I’ve always had such a soft spot for this one (as I have for ‘Train on a Track’ – still listen to it to this day!), it’s a nice break from her dance stuff… absolutely EVERYTHING about the song and the video is lush, lovely, understated, … just amazing. <3

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