Rebecca Ferguson ‘Too Good To Lose’ Music Video

How challenging would it be for me to recreate this video – in full drag – at St Kilda beach? Godbecca Ferguson, you’ve just inspired a new summer project.

The stunning UK X Factor soul songstress is serving us a textbook example “British popstar-discovers-American-summer” music video. Look at mama strolling down the sidewalks of Venice Beach, L.A. in a flowing red dress, just soaking up the sun and local talent.

We’ve seen Natasha Bedingfield tackle a similar concept in the US version of ‘These Words’ and even Joss Stone herself has probably channeled something similar circa Introducing Joss Stone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not casting stones here. I absolutely love seeing this side of Rebecca – more radiant and more poised for Stateside domination.

Everything about this image, styling and single conveys a readiness for the American market – the video was strategically designed to pull up focus on just Rebecca. No troupe of dancers or gospel choir – what a shame – to distract our attention from her elegance. Simplicity is the key

Even though ‘Too Good To Lose’ didn’t strike me as a potential single at the first run, I am prepared to concede that the video and song has grown on me and I now wholeheartedly support this move.

The thing about Godbecca‘s style is that, she just brings warmth and effortless soul into everything she does. And this video just came to enhance what she’s already naturally working with.

Having said that, I believe this bitch is not the push over shrinking violet everyone thinks she is. My favourite Godbecca moment so far is how she reportedly put her foot down when asked to do something she didn’t want to by saying to Simon Cowell, “I’m from Liverpool. Do you think I’m stupid?”

With a little bit of coaching and quality time spent with queens, I believe our gurl can truly upgrade this to the level of Mystique Summers Madison‘s “Bitch, I am from Chicago!” greatness.

Watch sweet petal darling Rebecca Ferguson‘s ‘Too Good To Lose’ video:


Rebecca Ferguson will release ‘Too Good To Lose’ in the UK on 4 March. Check out our gurl serving a little country realness on the b-side ‘On and On’.

Rebecca‘s debut album Heaven has to date sold over 500,000 copies in the UK and she’s about to head on tour next month.



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