Sam Sparro ‘The Shallow End’

Sam Sparro, you fabulous fag, you. I’ve never been happier to hear of your return, especially when you come bearing gifts like this here nouveau disco stomper.

The sexy Aussie pop singer who first came all over our eardrums with the bewitching ‘Black and Gold’ is now back with the first proper taste of his second album: Return To Paradise.

‘The Shallow End’ is by far the most musically joyous and multi-dimensional record the man has ever served. There is a sense of experimentation, referencing 70s disco philosophies with funk and soul to create a beat and melody no guilty feet can ignore.

Y’know, Sam is very much a sensational soul vocalist and intelligent songwriter so I really can’t imagine him ever popping out anything trivial and throwaway. ‘The Shallow End’ is such a splendid celebration of fun-seekers and “the shallow types”, if you will – “they say we’re crazy and yeah that’s probably true! And crazy means you do what you wanna do. But please don’t you forget that the crazy people need love too.”

Watch the music video for ‘The Shallow End’, which features footage of Sam recording his second album:

That sax solo fucking slays, you guys.


Sam Sparro is expected to drop his second album Return To Paradise in May. He has announced that the project will be a collection of 80s electro soul, disco stompers and some beautiful ballads.

Some of the talents involved in making Paradise include Greg Kurstin (who has worked with the likes of Lily Allen and The Bird & The Bee), fellow Aussie Jono Sloan (Empire of The Sun), Lester Mendez (producer behind Jewel‘s 0304) and Swedish pop sensation Erik Hassle.

The album’s lead single ‘Happiness’ was just serviced to local radios today.


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