Leak Report: Paulini ‘Fireman (Pop Embassy Radio Edit)’

I have faith that Pop Embassy will bring just the right amount of gasoline to help this Paulini comeback blow up on the airwaves.

It’s no secret that I’m rather fond of Paulini. I mean, bitch, I dropped my bag of groceries at the door when I heard the ‘Fireman’ video had leaked and blogged about it immediately.

While I feel like I’ve already expressed everything I had in mind about the song, I reckon it’s now up to the girl and it’s down to the public’s willingness to embrace this fiercer new look and sound.

Can they handle it? I don’t think they can handle it.

Paulini came up with the concept for ‘Fireman’ in New York last year when she was out there writing material for the forthcoming album and noticed how women in Brooklyn went mad at the sound of a fire truck driving past because it bore the promise of hot firefighters.

Ladies, please, the Mother Teresa humanitarian in me would be praying  for casualties wherever the truck was headed but hey, let this be a lesson to you all – we absolutely need to be more aware of potential hot men in the vicinity.

‘Fireman’ was co-written and recorded in Germany with Alfred ‘The Angel’ Tuohey and Mimoza Blinsson, who have both worked on material for Cascada and Allstar Weekend.


Paulini will send out ‘Fireman’ to Aussie iTunes tomorrow, 10 February. The long-awaited third studio album is expected to drop mid 2012.



  1. Pauline is on the Morning show today singing her new song, hope u read this in time to check it out…

    • I was already out the door by the time she came on, Scott :( I shall YouTube it – thanks!

  2. “…women in Brooklyn went mad at the sound of a fire truck driving past because it bore the promise of hot firefighters.”

    I love this because it’s the exact opposite here in Australia. A huge percentage of firefighters are 40+ and ready to retire. haha. We’ll all have to live vicariously through this song – which is indeed very catchy!

    • HAHAHAHAHA! It’s a bit of a fantasy, I suppose. One that’s perpetuated by those hot charity calendars that come out every year, perhaps?

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