Gloria Estefan ‘Hotel Nacional’ Music Video

Our favourite Latin pop glam ma Gloria Estefan is out to make a killing tonight.

‘Hotel Nacional’ is the second single lifted from the 90s pop diva’s newest album Miss Little Havana, which enjoyed some very modest success in the States when it was launched last year. Where her last single ‘Wepa’ felt more like an unapologetic Latin dance record, ‘Hotel Nacional’ is more of a continental affair blending heavy synths that recall the best of modern Europop and some 1920s swing music.

The music video itself is a reflection of the song’s hybrid soundscape, bearing a camp affair of lights, drama and shitloads of killer dance moves, courtesy of the massive cast.

Gloria herself is not looking a day over 50 as she oversees the whole procession from the stage. You can’t fault mama for trying with those lethal hooker stilettos and arresting leather jacket and skirt. The outfit actually looks like something Michelle Obama would wear to a fetish party, no shade.

This is Gloria’s hotel. You’re just in it.

I am so pleased to see Countess Gloria making an entrance like that. Did you see the way she flipped that coat and started strutting with the fervour of a supermodel going after the last free Victoria Secret sample?

Speaking of supermodels, I love how Gloria had her own drag queen competition to find the finest female impersonator to star in the video. You can spot the stunning competition winner, Puerto Rico’s own April Carrion here rocking a long ponytail, writhing on the bar and playing in front of the mirror. Werk! Look at Mama Gloria breaking drag talent all over the world.

While we’re on the subject of the cast, you might spot a certain former soap star Susan Lucci also making an appearance. Hell, if Gloria namechecked me in her song, you can bet your ass I’d be begging to be in the video.

You rock a hair hat, I rock a chandelier on my head. I win.

Well I’m certainly not here to play games with you about who’s rocking the wilder hat. Gaga evidently has nothing on Gloria‘s inspired decision to stand under a chandelier and pose wildly like it was a unique creation from Donatella‘s own jeweller.

It’s time for hoochie coochie.

I have to admit, the video looked like a fun but borderline tacky spectacle right up to this point. The dance breakdown complete with strobes and an extended instrumental bridge absolutely upgraded the experience. Right now, it’s all about the display at the 3:27 mark.

Watch the video for Gloria Estefan‘s ‘Hotel Nacional’:


Gloria Estefan‘s ‘Hotel Nacional’ managed to make #1 on the US Billboard Dance/Club play chart a few weeks ago.


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