Leak Report: Sneaky Sound System ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ Remixes

I haven’t stopped prancing to ‘Really Wanna See You Again’, y’guys. Every single time the album version comes on, I literally leap to my feet and attempt something like this for the chorus.

Sneaky Sound System really deserve to be shutting down discotheques from here to everywhere with a smash like this. For them to be coming out with something as stunning as ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ for their third single is truly a testament to the kind of wonder they have stashed in that amazing album of theirs.

Aussie purveyor of stylish dance pop have enjoyed ARIA Top 40 success on the club chart with their last two singles ‘We Love’ and ‘Big’ so naturally, we can expect for ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ to follow suit.

Here we have three new remixes courtesy of Azari & III, Funkagenda and KiNK.

My only wish now is for Matt Pop to do one of his famous 80s Tribute remixes for ‘Really Wanna See You Again’. For those unaware of Matt Pop‘s amazing work – please do your homework and inspect his take on RuPaul‘s ‘Main Event’.

‘Really Wanna See You Again (Azari & III Remix)’

Azari & III – the Sneaky‘s label mates on Modular and remixer for the likes of Cut Copy and Robyn – are working their blend of moody electronica and analogue rhythms like a boss. There are elements here that dutifully recall the snap of 80s dance records.

‘Really Wanna See You Again (Funkagenda Remix)’

Funkagenda – who has remixed for artists like Nero and Feist – crafts a generously instrumental affair with a sly bass line and claps. There’s potential for this cut to be dirtier and grittier, I reckon.

‘Really Wanna See You Again (KiNK Remix)’

Bulgarian DJ KiNK keeps it jumpin’ with an all synths and shakers affair. It’s easily the most energetic cut of the pack but not necessarily the most stylish or interesting to listen to.


According to this week’s update, ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ has risen to #23 on the ARIA club chart in its second week. Stomp it out, bitches.

Sneaky Sound System shot the video for ‘Really Wanna See You Again’ in London last week. Here’s a behind-the-scenes snap from the shoot.

The pair had rushed back to play a gig in Geelong yesterday but unfortunately had to cancel their St Kilda Festival show tonight due to Connie’s illness.



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