Will Young ‘Losing Myself’ Music Video

Excuse me, you weren’t happen to be looking for the first truly amazing pop video of 2012, were you? Well, bitch, you’ve come to the right place.

Will Young is one of very few British male pop stars with a knack for consistently turning out top-shelf, classy and intelligent music videos.

‘Losing Myself’ – the third effort launched from his splendid Echoes era – is no different. Here the suave pop sire delivers a stunning representation of isolation and being lost in one’s thoughts.

Needless to say, it completely complements the song’s stark lyrical content, but what’s commendable is the level of production and choreography involved here. You know so many basic bitches would’ve settled for a video of them rolling about in bed for four minutes.

Slick, cool and precise.

I am detecting an element of Gattaca up in here. There’s a touch of classic gentlemen’s attire and grooming/daily practices – from shaving to getting suited up (using a shoehorn) and making coffee – but it is all rendered against a cool, modern living space.

I love the deliberate use of cool colours in Will’s attire from the greys and dull blue in his sleepwear to the charcoal two-piece suit and almost metallic blue tie. Even the home itself is deliberately angular, cold and very polished to match the character’s icy state of mind.

“Keep walking to my own beat.”

There’s a splendid moment halfway through the video where you see the four characters pause and mimic Will’s actions like the old school Windows mouse trail effect you set via Control Panel.

The dramatic sequence that followed with Will pacing and flailing about the darkened room, only to have his actions mirrored by one of the dancers is also pretty solid gold.

It would’ve been too easy to fork out an extra grand to get special effects that create “multiple Wills” but it’s just that bit more special to see the concept achieved with well practiced choreography.

Watch the flawless video for ‘Losing Myself’:


Will Young will release ‘Losing Myself’ in the UK on 18 March.



    • Haha! Oh Carlos, I wish I could say that I was always this fast but I stumbled upon it on my YouTube homepage feed by chance that day, and being such a Will fan, I immediately pounced on it.

  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT…clever,sad..theres something about the BOY sigh!!! X

  2. My initial response was ‘ummm, no – we already had the first amazing video of 2012, it was called Born To Die and it was by The Artist Formerly Known As The Naturally-Lipped Lizzie Grant’. But then I watched the clip and it CLEARLY redefined truly amazing. WOWSERS. Is this album ever coming out in Oz or do I have to cave and import it?

    • I really don’t think this album’s ever coming to Oz. I’ve imported by copy! Sometimes you just don’t know with UK releases getting a surprise local release (see: Rebecca Ferguson) but I’m struggling to see how they’d pitch this album to the Aussie market.

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