Marcus Collins ‘Seven Nation Army’ Music Video

Nobody can step to me and say that Marcus Collins‘ funk pop swag doesn’t feel familiar in a pop climate heated by the likes of Olly Murs, Aloe Blacc and Cee Lo Green.

You guys know that I’ve always been proud of the UK X Factor stud but no tea, no shade – in no way do I feel like we’ve been served an acceptable debut single here. No, sir.

‘Seven Nation Army’ – as dignified as it is sounding for a White Stripes cover – really feels more like a buzz single than something I’m inclined to take seriously.

I’m just glad that the man’s album is not that far off because I am basically through with this single already. It probably took me two spins for ‘Seven Nation Army’ to grow on me and another one and a half spins to tire of it. We know he’s gotta have stronger shit coming.

So many X Factor stars have made a conscious move to launch quality original songs as their debut single that it kinda baffled me to see Marcus stepping out with something so quick-fix and underwhelming.

The horns-laden and more soulful reimagination feels right on point for the Liverpool stud so if there’s a silver lining to ‘Seven Nation Army’, I guess it’d be this sweet little assurance to his fans that Marcus is following up on the sound he made his name with on the X Factor.

Dirty hands, I demand.

The simple and stylish music video here effectively bonds Marcus‘ sweet boy-next-door image with an underlying sexiness my groins have never quivered for before.

It’s all in the way he moves and the bizarre female hands caressing his body from behind, which by the way, looked an awful lot like this panty-creaming Adam Levine photo shoot.

Watch Marcus Collins‘ debut music video ‘Seven Nation Army’:


Marcus Collins will launch ‘Seven Nation Army’ in the UK on 4 March while the accompanying debut album will arrive there on 12 March.

The album contains mostly original material that Marcus had co-written, with three covers including one of Janelle Monae‘s splendid ‘Tightrope’.



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