Marina and The Diamonds “Electra Heart” Album Artwork and Tracklisting

Sometimes with Marina Diamandis, you gotta be prepared to take the good with a load of wanky artist talk. But I’m now convined that somewhere inside all of this is an intelligent, fulfilling pop music listen that I don’t want to miss out on.

The critically-lauded British singer/songwriter has unveiled the artwork and final tracklisting for her sophomore album Electra Heart, which we’ve all heard murmurs about since late last year.

During the promo circuit for her last single ‘Radioactive’, Marina went to great lengths to depict Electra Heart as some complex, philosophical and high-brow pop album. There was a three-part music video trilogy uploaded on YouTube to foreshadow the album. It looked like a lot of thinking had gone into it but it wasn’t necessarily packaged in the most appealing way.

Basically, ‘Radioactive’ was the first take of Marina speaking to her indie music following in a parlance of mainstream dance/pop beats. I don’t think it was quite what they ordered. 

To be honest, it took me a second to get where she was going with this polished A-list production [Editor’s note: Dr Luke, Cirkut, Stargate, Diplo and Greg Kurstin are just some of the heavyweights involved]. But it just clicked when I heard her newest album track ‘Homewrecker’ and went back to ‘Fear and Loathing’.

Fingers crossed for more similar lightbulb moments when she launches the project’s official first single ‘Primadonna’ , which is set for a 16April release in the UK.

Check out the final tracklisting for Electra Heart:

1 – Bubblegum Bitch
2 – Primadonna
3 – Lies
4 – Homewrecker
5 – Starring Role
6 – The State of Dreaming
7 – Power and Control
8 – Living Dead
9 – Teen Idle
10 – Valley of The Dolls
11 – Hypocrates
12 – Fear and Loathing

Listen to the new album track ‘Homewrecker’:


Marina and The Diamonds will launch Electra Heart in the UK on 30 April. Stay tuned for an Aussie drop date.


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