Monica and Brandy ‘It All Belongs To Me’ Music Video

There’s probably still a wet patch on my seat from the first time I watched this video and lost control of them basic bodily functions. I’m glad no one paid me any mind in the office on Wednesday when I exploded with excitement, watching the full ‘It All Belongs To Me’ video. Please remember, some of us waited 14 years for this reunion.

I am well aware that I’m the only bitch up in my friendship group – better make that even in my extended networks – to be wild about Monica and Brandy‘s reunion duet ‘It All Belongs To Me’. I have previously waxed lyrical about why this grown ass woman song might fall on deaf ears, but I hope that after viewing the stylish video, some of y’all might bend over and start picking up some sense.

Some folks are only here for ‘The Boy Is Mine (Part II)’, but believe me when I say, this song fits Brandy and Monica circa 2012 better than any kind of Glee cover-ready pop single you might have in mind. So with that out of the way, can we all just fast forward to the eleganza these 90s R&B queens are serving?

“It’s all been loaned to me…”

I read on some fashion Tumblr blog somewhere that a certain designer silk blouse Brandy was rubbing carpet in for this video costs north of $1200. Bitch, don’t even pretend to sign that cheque you already know is gonna bounce. I am living for both of their deluxe diva looks here – the designer gowns, the leather and heels, and the sophisticatedly styled weaves.

It was very satisfying to see both Brandy and Monica looking so classy and impeccably styled – pitching them on the same wavelength as great modern soul artistes like Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson.

Honestly, I’m glad that their label RCA has pumped some proper funds into this video – everything from the stunning visual presentation through to the video concept and of course, explosives – helped create a buzz that definitely wasn’t there before.

Top shelf music video director Chris Robinson – who did Alicia Keys‘ ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ and Monica‘s own ‘Anything (To Find You)’ – has definitely fulfilled the brief to present these ladies at their finest in this hour.

You mad? Stay mad.

I can’t wait to see Tumblr spout off a thousand Brandy and Monica “U MAD?!” gifs for the above.

Y’know, they could’ve played this out as some nine-minute mini-movie extravaganza with multiple scenes and dialogues. Trust me, the drama and sass served in ‘It All Belongs To Me’ could build whole seasons of the Real Housewives – but it’s just not necessary to go through all that when the story’s already told so effectively in song.

For songs with so much vocal excellence on display like ‘It All Belongs To Me’, you don’t need complex choreography and mind-bending visual effects to drive the project. In fact, you don’t want to do anything to detract focus from the song and the singer’s performance. Simple sheer elegance is enough.

Watch Monica and Brandy’s ‘It All Belongs To Me’ music video:

Did the video upgrade your appreciation for the song?


‘It All Belongs To Me’ continues to climb the US Billboard R&B/Hip Hop song chart, peaking at #41 in its third week. The single will be included on Monica‘s New Life, which is due 10 April in the States, and Brandy‘s long awaited album Two Eleven, which is slated for a June drop date.

‘It All Belongs To Me’ is yet to be released in Australia.



  1. Actually really enjoyed that video! Would kill for that gold jacket Monica stole right off the runway.

    • I quite like the silk blouse Brandy’s wearing. It’s so something my aunty would wear in the 90s.

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