Stan Walker ‘Music Won’t Break Your Heart’ Music Video

I am convinced that this single choice is the right move for Stan Walker. It’s yet another example of why the Australian Idol star’s got the right material to be competing on an international level, but first, can we get this past the Top 40 mark Down Under?

Stan‘s Let The Music Play album is so sorely underrated for a body of work that flaunts this many potential hits. The first single ‘Loud’ sold like crazy and it set this raised level of expectation for me. I was ready for Stan to serve consecutive chart smashes of this calibre.

But after the second single ‘Light It Up’ failed to flare up, Stan‘s team issued that beige ballad he did with Jessica Mauboy, ‘Galaxy’, which to me never felt like a genuine representation of this era in Stan‘s discography. I mean, sure it sold heaps and kept him relevant, but I’m more interested in hearing his more current sounding tracks like ‘Music Won’t Break Your Heart’ or even ‘Forever I’m Yours’.

‘Music Won’t Break Your Heart’ – as an uplifting modern dance ballad – should have no problems making daytime radio rotation, especially following the success of similarly-styled works like David Guetta/Usher‘s ‘Without You’.

Who run this mountain?

I can’t even begin to tell you how much more engaging and visually stimulating it is to watch a dance music video that isn’t set in a club with strobe lights and all that shit. ‘Music Won’t Break Your Heart’ taps into the same breathtaking scenic extravagance we had in the ‘Galaxy’ video, except this time Stan‘s out in the spectacular Queenstown bush in New Zealand.

The real star of the video is 15-year old Sydney b-boy, Josh Moore, who is bursting with energy from the get go. I love that Stan assumes the role of invisible narrator slash Touched By An Angel-type holy presence in this video? Like, it’s really about the kid and his liberating experience with music – Stan’s just in it.

It’s great to see street-style dancing juxtaposed with wide open fields, clear skies and mountainside. It’s stuff you’d expect in a Nike commercial, so major kudos to Aussie director Benn Jae – who’s the same man behind home grown videos for Matt Corby‘s ‘Brother’ and Natalie Bassingthwaighte‘s ‘All We Have’.

Watch Stan Walker‘s ‘Music Won’t Break Your Heart’ video:


Stan Walker‘s new single is out now. Y’all can also watch the behind the scenes reel for the music video.



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