Sam Sparro ‘Happiness’ Music Video

Our boy Sam is giving you all that in this nifty little production he calls, ‘Happiness’.

Put away the widescreen effect and HD pristine sharp images. Sam Sparro‘s brand new music video is taking you all the way back to the 50s.

However, it must be said that ‘Happiness’ is not breathing the kind of Mad Men eleganza we’ve seen back in fashion lately. It feels more like an 80s interpretation of the 50s, if that makes sense. I love the camp musical-esque routine he’s rocking with the ladies and – love it or loathe it – those baggy oversized pants are a statement in itself.

The track is wonderfully joyous and it’s giving some summer sheen funk sensibilities that just complements Sam‘s voice to a tee. He’s been rocking this song for a good eight to nine months now? And it’s brilliant to see it finally ready for worldwide consumption.

Daddy cool

Let’s open up the forum to discuss Sam‘s stylish new look because in ‘Happiness’, the man has sort of developed his own thrift store interpretation of 50s dapper. It’s a bit “50s dad” fashion, if you will [Editor’s note: his words, not mine].

This is quite an interesting approach to me because we’ve seen practically every fashion blog hail the comeback of the “tailored suit gentleman”, but really which one of us dime store whores can afford a $5,000 Armani suit for the races? Not everyone here can do GQ perfect looks at the drop of a Mastercard so I’m liking that Sam’s showing us a more economy class interpretation of that look with slightly oversized blazer and pants, and achievable Brylcreem slicked hair.

It’s kinda like the time when Wynter Gordon arrived with her op shop chic 80s and 90s style that was giving a similar impact to the colour and boldness that Katy Perry had served on an upscale couture level.

Popstars create a fantasy with their clothes, image and videos but we need to acknowledge that there are varying degrees of fantasy. You can speak upmarket and runway fresh designs, or you can also do something closer to home – either way, it’s a statement that should be worn in the same regard.

Homo with a mo.

Gurl, I watched the most spectacularly awkward interview when this guy – bless his heart – asked where Sam’s moustache had come from and the Aussie popstar just said very frankly, “it just grew out of my face”. We can spot the Freddie Mercury reference from a mile away, can’t we? But the truth is, not everyone can pull off that look.

I’m personally loving the mo’. Right now, it’s very much the look with a certain subspecies of trendy gays in their mid-20s to early 30s. You know, I feel like there’s such a cohesive cross-polination of hipster and flamboyant retro fashion now that young men are boldly playing with styles our parents had adopted in their 20s and making it their own.

Since only one man in my family has ever successfully rocked a moustache, my own personal style right now is more of a clash of hairstyles Mama Lim and her sisters worked in the 90s. You gotta play with your strengths – am I right, ladies?

Watch the video for ‘Happiness’:


Sam Sparro‘s ‘Happiness’ is out now. The long awaited sophomore album Return To Paradise hits Aussie shelves on 25 May and it’s bringing a promise of brazen disco, funk, dance and garage-blended pop.

Listen to one of Sam‘s new album tracks, the equally magnificent ‘The Shallow End’.


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