Leak Report: Ricki-Lee ‘Do It Like That (Fred Falke Remix)’

This is one stone cold fox of a remix, y’guys. It’s nothing like all them other Ricki-Lee club cuts.

‘Do It Like That’ is the second single launched from Ricki-Lee‘s forthcoming third studio album and while we’ve heard all about the video shoot via her social media streams, there’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding the song itself.

I’m almost confident that this here Fred Falke remix is a distinct step away from what the original cut would sound like. You just know that the single version is gonna be something summery, highly infectious, and in your face.

However, I’m actually living for the icy electronica soundscape in the Fred Falke remix. I would be seriously pressed if Ricki-Lee doesn’t release this with the single edit.

The beat is definitely more stylishly understated like something you’d expect from Robyn. It’s a whole new edge from the flawlessly camp energy Ricki-Lee was serving with ‘Raining Diamonds’.

Listen to the Fred Falke remix of ‘Do It Like That’:

Fred Falke has remixed for the likes of Little Boots, Annie and La Roux. He’s also known for working closely with Florrie.


Ricki-Lee will launch ‘Do It Like That’ on Friday 23 March.



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