Mary Mary ‘Go Get It’ Single Review

Here’s something for confession o’clock: I have a very interesting connection to gospel and modern Christian pop music.

I should probably say that it’s more of a connection to certain artists that I grew attached to in my younger years when I used to go to church and actively browsed the CD section in Christian bookstores. I know, right? Talk about a past.

Y’all remember when Mary Mary‘s ‘Shackles (Praise You)’ was on radio all the time, right? Well, the gospel duo’s one of the rare few acts I’ve managed to keep checking back on over the years.

The sisters are great songwriters and after 12 years in the game, they’re still one of the most popular names in the American gospel music game.

Musically, they never fail to bring something uplifting and life affirming to the table, and some days, you know you need to hear words of encouragement. Some days you know you just need a finger snapping pick-me-up jam.

‘Go Get It’ is Mary Mary‘s latest jam and it’s exactly the kind of feel good track the doctor ordered.

“You were made to live a good life and that’s what I believe. So hit the floor, say a prayer, start working! You’re gonna do something… if you wanna get what you never got, gotta do something that you’ve never done!” Preach.

It actually sounds like something written for a sitcom headed by a cast of sassy, modern black women. Funny one should say that because ‘Go Get It’ is set to feature in Mary Mary‘s own reality show, which will air in the States on WEtv.

Listen to ‘Go Get It’:


‘Go Get It’ is the lead single and title track of their new album, which comes out in May. The album’s gonna be a greatest hits compilation featuring some remixes and one other new recording.

Mary Mary the reality series will premiere on 29 March in the States, showing the two sisters juggling their superstar lifestyles with big families of their own.


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