Alphabeat ‘Vacation’ Single Review

Danish fluoro pop group du jour – Alphabeat – is back with a vengeance and for those who feared their demise after The Spell (or to the UK crowd, better known as The Beat Is…) flopped, here’s a sign that there’s plenty more quality pop to come.

‘Vacation’ feels like a sensible return to live instrumentation and that “band” sound of Alphabeat‘s first album. It’s got one of those hooks that translates more effectively in a live gig setting than it would with us sitting in our lounge quietly nodding along.

Take a listen to Alphabeat‘s new single ‘Vacation’:

“Every woman, every man put your feet in the sand! And have yourselves a vacation!”

The rest of the forthcoming third studio album is said to be more of a full-bodied 70s disco invasion, as opposed to the 90s glam they were serving with The Spell. Expect for some Kool & The Gang realness.

The new album’s a completely independent affair and while the band’s still shopping for a record label, they’re still happy to keep chugging along and plugging their music to Danish radios the old fashioned way.


Alphabeat‘s ‘Vacation’ is now out in Europe and the US. Fingers crossed for an Aussie release date.


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