Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Jeans’ Music Video

The idea of launching ‘Blue Jeans’ as Lana Del Rey‘s third single feels reductive to say the least. I mean, y’all remember how this track was originally launched as a b-side way back in the way back when ‘Video Games’ first came out, right?

The masses definitely need to experience at least one of Elizabeth Grant‘s less string-soaked and melancholy tunes from the album so, in a way I can see why ‘Blue Jeans’ was launched. However. Word of advice. If your LDR experience up to this point’s only limited to ‘Video Games’ and you’re content with playing in the kiddie pool then feel free to wade in ‘Blue Jeans’, but if you’re ready to dive into the deep end with the big boys, get ‘Off To The Races’ right away.

The thrill of discovering ‘Video Games’ last year was so next level that I’ve come to crave that excitement again in LDR‘s music. With the exception of the obvious future single ‘Dark Paradise’ – I would be interested to hear more gangsta Nancy Sinatra material from the bitch now.

In any case, friends,  ‘Blue Jeans’ era isn’t a complete waste of time. The modern blues and hip hip clash boasts some choice lines like “you’re so fresh to death and sick as kept cancer” and much like most of the Born To Die album, it’s serving this unrepentant naivety about love. Nobody does addictive, destructive love poetries like Lana Del Rey. You could hear her falling deeper and deeper in desperation every time she sings, “I will love you till the end of time. I would a million years…”

Director Yoann Lemoine, who did Lana‘s ‘Born To Die’ video, renders the track against a chic black and white production. There’s a sense of continuity here with the same actor – Bradley Soileau – returning to play Lana‘s love interest but on the whole, it couldn’t be more different from the feel of their last music video.

Film noir pour moi.

What I do like about the ‘Blue Jeans’ video is that it returns LDR to the more arthouse screen siren feel we fell in love with circa ‘Video Games’ – y’know, as opposed to the opulence and excess she was flaunting with her big label budget in the ‘Born To Die’ video.

The black and white film and gentle pace of the video complements the song’s tone. There’s a good deal of beauty in the detail here. Everything from the pool water reflection on her skin to the distorted images all flesh out what’s really a very basic storyline of this couple kissing in the pool into something far more engaging.

Baby, there’s a croc in the water.

I love the sense of danger and doom in Lana Del Rey‘s videos. If it’s not a car accident, it’s swimming in a pool of crocs. I think there’s something very symbolic about how the couple continues to passionately make out and caress each other in the pool, while these predators lurk beneath the surface. In a way, it reflects the tragedy depicted in ‘Blue Jeans’ where LDR sings about being so fixated on this guy knowing well that it was always going to end. “I know that love is mean, and love hurts but I still remember that day we met in December.”

Watch the music video for ‘Blue Jeans’:


Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Blue Jeans’ is set to arrive on 9 April in the UK. The singer revealed last month that they had finished editing a video for album track ‘Carmen’ – expect to see that soon.



  1. Well, almost every song on the album could be a single, maybe with the exception of “Carmen”….strange choice….but releasing “Blue Jeans” as a single is good, it’s too good to be tucked away as the b-side to “Video Games”…

    Remember Sade? Her breakthrough song “Smooth operator” was the b-side to her first single “Your love is king”… not that Lana needs a breakthrough now…..

    Expectations are high for her NEXT album….personally I can’t wait!

    • Hey Morky! Didn’t realise ‘Smooth Operator’ was originally launched as a b-side. That ended up being one of Sade’s most famous songs! I suppose when it’s really that good – who cares, huh? It’ll be interesting to see how ‘Blue Jeans’ fares but I don’t it’s fair to grade her success based on single sales. She’s not like Katy Perry. LDR sells albums :)

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