Madonna ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Music Video

Well I don’t know about you, but Madonna‘s new video has certainly changed the way I share an apple with another man.

“Girls they just wanna have some fun, get fired up like a smoking gun!” exclaims Madonna over pushy synth-powered beats. This single is perhaps the most succinct expression of our Material Girl‘s notorious streak since 2009’s ‘Revolver’.

By now you would’ve seen and read enough about the ‘Girl Gone Wild’ video to recognise its throwback to Madonna‘s ‘Erotica’, but really, what probably hit me first was how vastly different the reaction has been towards the homoerotica in both videos.

Times have certainly changed and while it’s still fucking hot and somewhat censorable to depict two men getting nasty together, ‘Girl Gone Wild’ is a marker of how far Madonna‘s videography have travelled from the days of shocking the bloomers off mainstream media.

I mean, fuck, bitch. The uncensored version serves up raw nekkid ass for a second or two, and somehow I don’t think the entire first world is going on meltdown over the manscape.

Like a gay gone wild.

The absolute Adonis-fest of near naked men pressing peen up against each other and worshiping her Madgesty is such a glorious celebration of hedonism – a theme we’ve seen Madonna execute with defining audacity in her hey day.

That chapter in M‘s iconography has been written and read from end to end. However, I actually think ‘Girl Gone Wild’ presents a more interesting and modern reading of how men are unleashing their inner bad girl.

This might mean absolutely nothing to a large population of the male species but to me – I think there’s something incredibly fierce, empowering and sexy about seeing women strut with confidence and own a room in a pair of devastating stilettos. Therefore, to see Madonna bring in Kazaky and have a troupe of male dancers do just that is nothing short of amazing.

Growing up in a generation well exposed to female-fronted pop really shaped my perception of beauty and sexual liberation. Studying pop music sirens like Britney and Christina Aguilera, I’ve always been fascinated with and inspired by how they straddle the fine line of virgin whoredom – mix nice with naughty, soft femininity with a bit of grit and dominance.

These girls were going wild in ways no male artist could. They were pushing boundaries, they were shocking the status quo and they were breaking inhibitions in ways I never saw any man do.

I’ve come to equate that particular style of female sexual energy with enviable fierceness. So much so that now when I see Madonna‘s troupe of dancers popping their hips and serving the same video vixen silhouette in stockings and heels, I see a symbol of strength and freedom.

Is it so wrong for a boy to identify with these strong female imageries?

Amen fashion.

Director and acclaimed fashion photographers Mert and Marcus – who have done bank-breaking campaigns for Louis VuittonGiorgio Armani and Gucci – really delivered editorial elegance that matched the song’s runway ready beats.

The appropriate visual effects playing with static and distortion really works with the meticulous editing. Talk about a stark contrast to the seemingly seamless action shot happening in Madonna‘s last video ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’‘.

There’s probably not a great deal of life changing choreography happening in ‘Girl Gone Wild’ but the way it has been juxtaposed with a myriad of different scenes and shots just makes it such an deluxe visual experience.

Totally helped that we are staring at some of the world’s most famous male models here too, including Sean O’PryJon Kortajarena and Simon Nessman. Trust me, any young gay with a Tumblr account would’ve reblogged at least one photo of these guys at some point.

Watch Madonna‘s mad new video ‘Girl Gone Wild’:


Madonna‘s ‘Girl Gone Wild’ was released in Australia on Monday. Could we see an ARIA Top 100 entry by the end of the week?



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