Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull ‘Dance Again’ Single Review

Not even I, with years of experience as an apologiser of Jennifer Lopez music, could go there with this underwhelming filler.

When I first read that J.Lo‘s threatening a new single called something like ‘Dance, Love, Dance Again’ – I was prepared to go to church and hear this bitch preach about picking yourself up and finding love again. I thought I had the chapter and verse all marked out but sadly, this track is not drawing from a well of personal experiences.

Conceptually speaking, ‘Dance Again’ could’ve been a sensible afterword on Jennifer’s Love? era – y’know something uplifting to counter all those “unlucky in love J.Lo” headlines following her divorce? Instead, it feels like an unnecessary and totally off-mark second take on ‘On The Floor’.

‘Dance Again’ sees the pop superstar reunite with mega producer RedOne and rapper Pitbull, but without the crutch of a killer sample to hold up the track, all parties are working at a loss.

This is essentially, unadulterated top-to-toe filler. I would probably reduce all this mess down to a 30-second loop of the chorus and sell that bite size to Dancing With The Stars or whatever dance talent show that features some ex-Pussycat Doll behind the judging panel.

Listen to J.Lo‘s new single with Pitbull ‘Dance Again’:

For a track that’s supposed to turn the party for J.Lo‘s all-important greatest hits compilation – and believe me, the bitch has had some deluxe choons in her time – ‘Dance Again’ really turned out to be a worrying sign that perhaps, the best days of J.Lo‘s music is behind her.

I’m a huge fan of the ho so it’s really disappointing to see that some economy class rush job like this gets priority over proper invested efforts from her last album like the personal ‘(What is) Love?’ or actual stompers a la ‘Invading My Mind’.

Time to take your own advice, boo. As you said in your cameo on‘s ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)’ – “you can go hard, or you can go home.” I’m done.


Jennifer Lopez will release ‘Dance Again’ worldwide on Monday 2 April via Sony Music, an interesting return to the label after a brief stint with Island/Def Jam for her Love? era.



  1. I’m totally obsessed with JLo and have been for years, for me this song is totally predictable but at the the same time , it’s a great pop song and I love it. I wish she would do a whole cd with RedOne, I love their collaborations.
    Can’t wait for the Greatest Hits and hoping there’s an double cd with a DVD.

    • I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who hates this song now haha! So many people have said that it’s acceptable. Guess there are plenty of major J.Lo apologisers out there! ;) I can’t wait to see the Greatest Hits package – a DVD would be deluxe! I got her “The Reel Me” DVD ages ago and that was flawless. She always gives great videos!

  2. Baby doll, I think that the old label is releasing her GH with or without her, so maybe she isn’t too phased? I’m pretty sure we’ll have both a GH (off Sony/Epic) and a new album off Island this year.

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