The Saturdays ’30 Days’ Single Review

Forget about the actual song because I think it’d be far more interesting to see how them Saturdays‘ fans are gonna keep stanning for a passing-grade song that won’t be released until mid-fucking-May. That’s longer than a 30-day wait, y’guys. Get me my pocketbook, I’m outta here.

Like it or not, ’30 Days’ comes loaded with a bit of pressure on the mostly on-point British girlband. After a collective clutching of pearls when their album On Your Radar flopped in November, this is the all important next step to reaffirm The Saturdays‘ status as one of England’s leading girl groups.

“30 days” is not enough to get “all fired up” about.

’30 Days’ strategically catapults the ladies back into the nondescript dance beats that made them relevant with ‘All Fired Up’. However, there’s something frustratingly pedestrian about ’30 Days’ that you’re either gonna be able to get over in the first few listens or condemn it to hell.

If you did a cross-examination of ’30 Days’ and its next of kin ‘All Fired Up’, you’ll probably find that one lacks what the other track has.

This new jam brings some emotionally pertinent lyrics – and y’all know how I live for dance ballads – which directly contrasts the repetitive, throwaway lines of ‘All Fired Up’. However, ’30 Days’ doesn’t quite have the spark and wall-to-wall hooks of ‘All Fired Up’.

It was obvious that ‘All Fired Up’ could get away with slapping on one-dimensional club beats because the mish-mash of melodies and hooks more than compensated for it.

The problem with ’30 Days’ is that you’ve really heard it all after the 1:20 mark. However, I am happy to debate over cocktails whether the jet whoosh at 0:13 and 2:28 is a mild stroke of genius or not.

Listen to The Saturdays‘ brand new single ’30 Days’:

The music video is expected to drop soon but don’t expect to clock Una Healy‘s baby bump. The young yummy mummy has apparently ordered for the bump to be edited out of the clip because she feels it’s not relevant any more now that she has given birth.

Gurl, please. I know of plenty of women who have been in that situation and they’re not airbrushing any baby bumps out. It’s not a question of relevance, it’s a question of whether her bump’s getting in the way of the band’s youthful party girl image.

Update – how is this post travelling for value? Here comes the Max Sanna and Steve Pitron remix of ’30 Days’:


’30 Days’ will be released on 13 May in the UK. The single comes with a b-side ‘Turn Myself In’ and the iTunes EP also packs in a remix of ’30 Days’ and a thrilling karaoke version.

Pre-ordering it will get you a Saturdays-only version of their album track ‘The Way You Watch Me’, which originally featured Travie McCoy and was supposed to be the girls’ fourth single from this era.



  1. I really like this song and I’m looking to hearing more from the girls but I think that this will be a make or break situation for them. After the disappointing sales for the last album, they need to wow the critics with the next one. I loved ‘On Your Radar’, there was some great pop tracks on it and I think they could have released more singles from it, ie Get Ready Get Set, it’s a very under rated cd.

    • Yes! ‘Get Ready Get Set’ really should’ve been a single. If they’re worried no one would buy it because it was already on the flop album, then get it (gently) remixed for a single release?

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