Ricki-Lee ‘Do It Like That’ Music Video

You don’t really wanna rain on Ricki-Lee‘s parade, do you? Not when it’s looking so festive and radiating so much confidence and video vixen realness.

The fierce-as-fuck Aussie popstar is serving a little old school RLC realness with ‘Do It Like That’. I know we’re not exactly knee-deep in her discography as yet to warrant the term but when I say “old school”, I do mean circa ‘Can’t Touch It’ and ‘Can’t Sing A Different’ song.

‘Do It Like That’ was written and produced by  Brian Kierulf and Joshua Schwartz – the same American guys behind ‘Can’t Touch It’ and not to mention Britney‘s ‘Anticipating’ and Lady Gaga‘s ‘Summerboy’.

Everything about ‘Do It Like That’ feels like a sensible update on the sassy, rhythmic pop style Ricki-Lee is best known for. In fact, the very idea of her singing, “you like it when I do it like that! You watchin’ when I do it like that… you want-want-want me when I do it like that,” might even suggest that she’s deliberately giving the public what they want.

The video comes for all the familiar elements – see: hair flicks, strut-and-thrust choreography and a flash of her irrepressible smile. In a way, it’s comforting to look back on her signature clips like ‘Can’t Touch It’, some five years ago, and see that she was serving the same confidence even when she was shimmying a couple of dress sizes bigger.

Here are three highlights of Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Do It Like That’ video:

1) Bottoms up.

I love how the bitch managed to pull moves to shame even the hungriest of power bottoms. Seriously, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel like RLC and I are becoming the same person.

2) The triple-action thrust.

Are you also living for the uterus thrust happening in the “want-want-want” bit? Say yes. Queens, make sure you secure your tuck before you attempt this or any moves adjacent to this.

3) The massive Ricki-Lee sign.

It’s looking like something you’d expect at Nightclub Barbie in L.A. when they’re doing a burlesque theme. This indoor studio scene actually works quite well in contrast with the summery carnival location shown at the start of the video.

It’s probably plain reductive to point out that ‘Do It Like That’ draws tired references from Beyoncé but there’s probably some truth in the ennui expressed.

For me, ‘Do It Like That’ was most exciting and refreshing when we first heard it blasting out the gates as the Fred Falke remix. It was a proper revelation because it sounded like nothing we heard Ricki-Lee do before and that’s precisely the kind of effortlessly cool, next-level shit she should aspire to.

See, the single version is like the “paycheck look” – the one that’s most likely to gel best with the masses – but the Fred Falke remix is the one that leaves everyone gagging for more.

Don’t get me wrong ‘Do It Like That’ – the single mix – is adequately fun but it’s kind of thrown me off a little, especially following the wig snatching, dance/pop direction of ‘Raining Diamonds’.

If these two new singles are the corner posts of what we can expect from Ricki-Lee‘s forthcoming album then it’s gonna be really interesting to see how she mingles her European dance material with the more kinetic, rhythmic tracks like ‘DILT’.

Watch Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Do It Like That’ music video:


‘Do It Like That’ debuts at #69 on our ARIA Top 100 this week.



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