Jennifer Lopez ‘Dance Again’ (featuring Pitbull) Music Video

J.Lo is one of very few women I’d let fuck me over with her music video extravagance. Even though the song is as fresh as donkeys’ balls, I’d let her take me there and blow my mind like a virgin’s first time in the back seat.

Having already expressed deep sighs of dissatisfaction with ‘Dance Again’, I now find myself at an interesting turning point where I’m actually inclined to give the song a chance. The woman knows her business and she knows how to add value to her products. Jennifer Lopez gets that she’s a multi-dimensional and thoroughly visual kinda brand, and without the presence of a music video, her songs could not stand a chance of driving home a hit.

Scissor Sisters once said, “you can’t see tits on the radio” – well, bitch, see this why she up on YouTube. And I’m sure if Mami Lopez had a sale for every view this clip gets on YouTube, she would be rightfully snatching Katy Perry and Rihanna‘s wigs.

Here are some important features of Slaylo‘s ‘Dance Again’ video – carefully considered with absolutely no mention of Pitbull whatsoever:

It’s taking me higher. Higher.

A-grade director Paul Hunter, who did Jennifer‘s last blockbuster smash ‘Papi’, is back on board to pimp the fuck out of the diva’s newest music video-slash-fragrance commercial.

I am so delighted with the “floating to the top” concept in the first half. I mean, it’s a visually exciting way to depict the idea of “getting high” on the music, the sponsored booze, and apparently J.Lo‘s newest fragrance Glowing (which is her 18th muhfuggin‘ women’s fragrance).

Let’s not forget to clock the sea of bodies she’s writhing with there that’s so evocative of Queen Bey‘s ‘Baby Boy’ and Kylie‘s ‘All The Lovers’. Bey‘s choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. has certainly brought a few stunning tricks to the table that complement the video’s anti-gravity themes.

Platinum Lopez

Are you living for the subtle nod to her Brave visuals here? I know most J.Lo apologisers would rather forget about that album because, fuck, this ho put us through hell trying to justify that mess to our family and friends. But the silver, the sparkles, and flashes of hot pink in a dark background really pops on screen – especially in the dance breakdown when you see it juxtaposed with shots of her dancing in the well-lit foyer.

Watch Jennifer Lopez turn the party with ‘Dance Again’:


‘Dance Again’ debuted at #34 on the US Billboard Pop Songs chart. It’ll be interesting to see if this song scorches up airwaves and the charts like her last heat stroke ‘On The Floor’.



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