Mark Foster, A-Trak and Kimbra ‘Warrior’ Review

The new it kids of indie pop are doing alright.

Here we got Mark Foster (Foster The People), A-Trak (DJ/producer who has remixed for the likes of Robyn) and Kimbra (Kiwi songbird best known for that Gotye smash) teaming up to write and produce a track exclusively for Journeys/Converse‘s latest “Three Artists. One Song” campaign.

It would’ve been so easy for them to have just gone into the studio and covered a song like so many artists have done for top-dollar commercials.

These three could’ve come out with some predictable indie remake of ‘We Will Rock You’, and it still would’ve sounded adequate. But the point with ‘Warrior’ is to have a completely unique and fresh collaboration that falls in line with Converse‘s youthful, creative and hip appeal.

There’s a small debt to 80s dance pop here, albeit reappropriated for today’s hipster chic ears. The buzzing fluorescent synths, the crisp drum beats, and stylish reverb on the vocals is thoroughly indicative of the kind of indie electro hybrid that’s in fashion these days.

You can also pick up Kimbra‘s artistic contribution to the project here. Apart from obviously taking lead vocals, there’s also her signature, overlapping layer of harmonies that’s present in the breakdown.

Simply put, ‘Warrior’ is arguably the best song ever created for a commercial since Mary J. Blige‘s career-defining ‘What’s In The Chicken Wrap?’ smash for Burger King.

Watch the rather OTT music video for ‘Warrior’:


Here’s where you can download ‘Warrior’ for free.

The last “Three Artists. One Song” campaign saw Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy collaborate on a track called ‘DoYaThing’


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