Leak Report: Havana Brown ‘City of Darkness’

There is something unsettling about how grown up and pedestrian this new Havana Brown record sounds.

After carving her sound with More Mega – the songwriting/production duo who hemmed her slamming singles ‘We Run The Night’ and ‘Get It’ – Australia’s femme fatale DJ turns it all around with a dull, one-dimensional club piece that is more filler than the killer we’ve come to expect.

Basically, y’all know she should’ve treated MM better, because with the help of Snob Scrilla and Cassie Davis, the girl could have owned the industry with a sound of her own. ‘City of Darkness’ just fails to straddle that potent combination of sounding club-perfect yet radio-ready at the same time like her previous records.

The hooks are blunt and the pulsating backdrop of synths couldn’t be more forgettable. We can definitely rule this out as a contender for the pop charts so fans better pray that Havana‘s got some prized remixes up her sleeve to surrender to Beatport or something.

I know on paper, ‘City of Darkness’ probably sounds like an adequate attempt at making a “meaningful” dance ballad but it’s just not fucking required from a pop star like Havana Brown. Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember reading in some interview that she wanted to be like Pitbull or something, vowing to make fun and uplifting dance music that people won’t be able to resist even if they didn’t necessarily like her. Well, gurl, tell me how you’re gonna take me there with this.

Listen to ‘City of Darkness (Original Mix)’:


Havana Brown‘s ‘City of Darkness’ is the third offering taken from her forthcoming debut album as a recording artist.


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