Introducing Cat Torres

Oh. I was not prepared for the excellence this upcoming Melbourne artiste is flaunting so I’m just trying to prepare y’all, because I don’t want anyone wetting themselves in public when they hit play.

Meet Cat Torres, a feisty 20-year old local talent who’s rocking a killer combination of dub step, urban and underground rhythmic sensibilities.

Cat‘s debut single ‘Kitchen on Fire’ is a blinding knock out from every angle. It sounds like the kind of gritty East London dub  track you would wish upon it British pop artists like Siobhan Donaghy or even the Original Sugababes when they re-present themselves in the near future.

We’re talking about whiplashing hooks rendered over acid-washed grime beats that’ll grab even the most casual of underground music listeners.

‘Kitchen on Fire’ is pretty much a sonic masterpiece by pop standards. It guides you from aggressive pounding beats to feminine and vulnerable verses in the most engaging fashion. Factor in that extra special seasoning of Spanish guitar in the interlude and outro – and you’re looking dead straight at a winner right here.

‘Kitchen on Fire’ is produced by The PresetsJulian Hamilton and London-based producer Jaz Rogers, who has worked with the likes of Daniel Merriweather and Lauryn Hill. Grammy-winning audio engineer Phil Tan, who boasts credits on smashes for Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and Mariah, ended up mixing this track in his home studio.

Hit play and decimate them speakers right now with ‘Kitchen on Fire’:



Grab your free download of Cat Torres‘ debut single ‘Kitchen on Fire’ now while it’s hot. See what I did there?



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