Leak Report: Wynter Gordon ‘Still Getting Younger’ Remix EP

Call the morgue because this just killed me with extreme joy and vindication. Feed Limmy’s Song of 2011 – ‘Still Getting Younger’ – is coming for the clubs with a nifty, three-track remix EP.

This surfaced on Soundcloud this arvo, sending me falling off my chair after months of second guessing as to whether Neon Records/Warner Music was actually gonna do anything with Wynter Gordon‘s career-defining track.

The Nick Littlemore-produced dance number was an uncontested centrepiece of Wynter‘s debut album With The Music I Die and a part of me always saw it as the perfect Australian summer music festival soundtrack.

The original daydreamy, 80s nostalgia-ridden beats have been reinterpreted in a few ways on the remix EP.

Take a listen to snippets of the ‘Still Getting Younger’ remixes:


Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Still Getting Younger’ remix EP will be made exclusively available on Beatport on 7 May. Who do I have to seduce at her label to see a proper music video come forth for this single?


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