Introducing John Rowley

Gurl, it’s hard getting your music heard out there, especially when you’re independent and completely working yourself from the ground up. I hear you.

But when you’re too time poor as it is to even keep up with major pop music news breaking on the daily, you’re definitely not gonna have time to deal with the truck loads of basic tracks pitched at you by deluded fame-whores and pushy PR peeps.

You’d have to credit my chance absorption of John Rowley‘s music to a winning combination of good timing and his clever, on-point writing.

This kid knows his fucking audience. He literally had me at:

“I’m in my first year of uni, studying a Bachelor Of Arts (Media & Communications) at the University of Sydney. A potential academic highlight so far has been writing a semiotic analysis of the video for ‘The Promise’ by Girls Aloud.”

I haven’t even heard a bar of his track and I already wanted to know more. Basically, my theory is you can’t really be that bad if you’re this well schooled in great Xenomania music. The 18-year old pedigree pop enthusiast is obviously on his way to completing a masters in this field.

John‘s probably not completely unknown to those who lurk around the corridors of Popjustice. His cover/mash up of Marina and The Diamonds/Foster The People was crowned ‘Song of The Day’ at one point.

However, his own original material ‘Stones From Glass Houses’ probably veers closer to the understated electro pop balladry of Sam Sparro‘s ‘Pocket’.

It’s classy, it’s dignified, and once you get past your initial hesitations about the Casio keyboard sound, ‘Stones From Glass Houses’ actually plays out to be a pretty engaging slice of electro pop.

The finished product could’ve probably done with a bit more colour and given John the kind of pop lift-off I know he would live for. But this is a good introduction to the young singer/songwriter’s abilities and, if anything, I’m now gagging to hear it remixed and taken to a whole new dimension.

Listen to John Rowley‘s ‘Stones From Glass Houses’:


‘Stones From Glass Houses’ is out on John‘s Bandcamp page where you can name your price and download it.


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