Leak Report: Aiden Grimshaw ‘Is This Love’

Y’all remember Aiden from the 2010 UK X Factor series, right? The dapper young man who chilled spines with his spellbinding rendition of ‘Mad World’?

Well here he comes creeping out the gates with his debut single, ‘Is This Love’, and it’s thankfully more current, underground LDN electronica than weeping willow James Morrison. Seriously, thank fuck.

‘Is This Love’ is the first taste of Aiden‘s forthcoming album Misty Eye, which arrives in the UK on 13 August. The whole project’s spearheaded by London-based Aussie producer Jaz Rogers, who went from styling vanilla hits for Delta Goodrem in the early days, to now delivering cutting-edge electro pop productions for artists like Cat Torres.

What’s really exciting and refreshing about Aiden‘s record is hearing how the tasteful drum and bass/pop direction is pitching him as an artist in his own lane. It’s effortlessly cool, it’s current, and precisely the kind of good shit you wouldn’t expect for your Simon Cowells and Gary Barlows to pick for the kid.

Vocally, he’s like a brand new bitch. Gone are the shaky, waify vocals he was rocking on the X Factor and in with a confident falsetto and punchy delivery to complement the spiky electronic beats.

Listen to Aiden Grimshaw‘s ‘Is This Love’:


Aiden‘s debut single ‘Is This Love’ drops on 3 June and the album Misty Eye follows on 13 August in the UK. The music video for ‘Is This Love’ was shot sometime last week, so y’all can expect to see that next month I reckon.

Judging by the favourable response to his series mates – One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd – don’t be surprised if Aussies get served a slice of this.


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