Lana Del Rey ‘Carmen’ Music Video

Ms LDR has sent in ‘Carmen’ to pick up where ‘Video Games’ left off with its riveting juxtaposition of old film clippings and present day shots.

This is a sensible follow up to the music video that had us all enchanted with Lana Del Rey in the first place. I mean, from what I gather, it seems like Team Del Rey is slowly realising that the incidental magic that occurred when ‘Video Games’ went viral really was worth harnessing.

We’ve seen her label dip the Coney Island Queen in some serious money when they shot her ‘Born To Die’ video, then scale back to something more arthouse for ‘Blue Jeans’ and now with the revelation of ‘Carmen’ – she has rightfully come full circle.

Apart from the obvious mash up fashion, there’s actually a lot of similarities between ‘Video Games’ and ‘Carmen’. There are recurring clips rehashed in the montage like that one of the “Del Rey” sign, time-lapse footage of a red rose blooming, some of the same cartoon animations, and that one with 1940s red carpet photographers flashing their cameras.

There are also familiar shots of a woman riding at the back of a motorcycle without a helmet, except this time it’s Lana Del Rey and she’s sensibly not shown actually riding off without wearing appropriate protection.

‘Carmen’ reprises the same tragic, wasted young vixen tune sung before in so many show stoppers included in the Born To Die album. The depiction on film is therefore an appropriate reflection of that.

However, unlike ‘Video Games’ where there’s really just one female protagonist featured alongside clips of Lana singing, in ‘Carmen’ we get a mix of women and girls from all ages.

It all kind of comes together when you see these moving images soundtracked by such lyrics:

“Darlin’, darlin’. Doesn’t have a problem lying to herself ’cause her liquor’s top shelf. It’s alarming, honestly, how charming she can be fooling everyone, telling them she’s having fun.”

For a song that has long been a critics fave for its stark commentary on “party girl psychosis”, you really wish they went over the top and tempted lawsuits with actual paparazzi footage of Lindsay and Paris doing what they do to make them infamous headlines.

Watch the video for Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Carmen’:


‘Carmen’ has not been officially touted as the fourth single from Born To Die but from what I understand, the video’s meant to be the final of LDR‘s trilogy – which is a crying shame given that we could do with at least two more videos in this style, perhaps for ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ or ‘National Anthem’.


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