Little Boots ‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’ Single Review

I am generally quite pleased with Victoria‘s efforts of late. She has inevitably sashayed into a more dance-centric playing field despite debuting three years ago with an album glistening with productions by some of pop’s A-lists. And we’re cool with that.

Little Boots‘ latest piece ‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’ takes the children back to a time where dance pop was elegant, effortlessly stylish, and need not rely on throbbing, aggressive Guetta club beats to make an impact.

The prevalent 90s house pianos and soft “oooh” in the verses sounds like something you’d clock in a present day Bananarama single, if it was written and produced by Alphabeat.

‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’ is categorically more of a pop single than Victoria‘s last single ‘Shake’, a slick six minute-long nouveau disco jam. There’s a punchy hook that takes root with repeated listens, but only because it is so well supported in the song’s structure. Basically, the chorus stands out well because the milder, more innocuous verses aren’t desperately trying to flag your attention from every corner.

It’s a whole different discipline in pop songwriting, y’guys. And it’s not necessarily something that’s observed – or appreciated – very much these days. Nowadays, hit makers for Rihanna, Jessie J et al know that the average listening span is, like, seven seconds or something ridiculous. You gotta hit them upfront and fast before they change the station or hit skip on the iTunes store.

‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’ clearly gives not a fuck if you got better shit to do after seven seconds. Victoria is busy in verse one, setting the scene and getting you in the mood for the chorus.

Listen to ‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’:

I guess over 15,800 plays on Soundcloud and over 5,700 downloads in one day isn’t such a poor response after all.


Little Boots is being oh so generous to offer a free download of ‘Every Night I Say A Prayer’.


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