The Wanted ‘Chasing The Sun’ Music Video

These lads would’ve sent their careers to death row if they foisted one of their lesser past singles in America. After the skyscraping success of ‘Glad You Came’ – let’s be real about it – you know there was nothing of equal or greater value worth following on that Battleground album.

‘Chasing The Sun’ is a brand new recording pulled out of the hat to sensibly sustain the TGIF-party energy these boys are starting to be known for around the world.

The song is co-written by British rapper Example and producer Alex Smith, who hemmed Olly Murs‘ UK #1 hit ‘Heart Skips A Beat’.

Sun smart.

The music video for ‘Chasing The Sun’ sees The Wanted resume work with Director X, who was responsible for their ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Warzone’ clips. Conceptually, it has thankfully got more going for it than just endless reels of the lads schmoozing females at a bar.

The whole “contagious transference of that sun tattoo” could’ve been snatched and re-tooled from a safe sex ad campaign? I don’t know. You tell me. I thought it was a good, working concept to execute visually and it fit very well with the theme.

Wanted: new stylist.

There is still something plain uninspiring about the way these fellas are portrayed on film. It’s them same tired ass, Roger David casual wear we’ve clocked before – leather jacket, tee and jeans.

There’s a fine line with dressing popstars that attract the young females’ gaze. Pop music videos are always built on the premise of fantasy – it’s about wishing you looked that good, wishing you could sexually assault one of the band members in a nightclub toilet cubicle, and wishing you could take their nice clothes after you’re done.

Sure, ladies want The Wanted to look relatable – like they’re regular guys you’d date or flirt with at a bar. Teenage boys wanting to impress their girlfriends want to be able to copy these looks within their means (whatever is available at their local mall/affordable on a fast food wage allowance).

That would’ve been fine for The Wanted to cater to in their first two or three music videos, perhaps. But these guys really need to raise the bar and challenge this pedestrian look they’ve rocked for far too long. Start playing with new colours, new textures, new hair styles. There is such a scope to play with in men’s fashion these days without feeling like they need to stay on one editorial page to avoid clashing with One Direction.

I mean, fuck, bitch. I feel like I’m Gok Wan running some sort of emergency tutorial right here – so help me.

Watch The Wanted go ‘Chasing The Sun’:


The Wanted‘s ‘Chasing The Sun’ is out now but will impact US mainstream radios on 15 May. It’s just one of two new recordings to surface on their seven-track North American EP, The Wanted, which features five past singles.


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